3M™ 420 - Lead Foil Tape

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3M™ 420 - Lead Foil Tape
  • 3M™ 420 - Lead Foil Tape
  • 3M™ 420 - Lead Foil Tape
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    3M 420 - Lead Foil Tape

    3M's 420 Lead Foil tape is a dark gray lead foil-backed conformable tape with an adhesive that provides a strong and long lasting initial bond, yet can be removed cleanly from most surfaces. This tape is also electrically and thermally conductive as well as boasting resistances to fire, moisture, UV, chemicals, and radiation. This tape contains a rubber based adhesive and so it can be used in powder coating and anodizing environments that restrict silicone.

    Can withstand chemical baths of Boric Sulfuric, Phosphoric, Sulfuir & Hard coat, and Tartaric Sulfuric acids


    • Conformable into shapes or difficult surfaces
    • Resistant to chemicals, radiation, fire, and moisture
    • Rubber based adhesive is usable in places where silicone is limited

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      3M™ 420 - Lead Foil Tape

      3M™ 420 - Lead Foil Tape