3M™ 471 Vinyl Safety Tape and 5S Color Coding Pack


3M™ 471 Vinyl Safety Tape and 5S Color Coding Pack
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 3M™ 471 Vinyl Safety Tape and 5S Color Coding Pack

Creative Safety Supply is proud to partner with 3M to offer the 3M™ 471 Safety Tape and 5S tape starter kit.  This starter kit contains 8 different colors to get started with 5S coloring and marking applications.
  • 8 separate and distinctive colors provide easy solutions for 5S coloring and marking applications
  • Unique stretch properties enable tape to remain stretched to conform to uneven surfaces without lifting and retracting
  • Rubber adhesive provides good adhesion to a variety of surfaces
  • Backing resists abrasion, scuffing, moisture and weathering for long service life
  • Tape removes cleanly from many surfaces to help reduce clean-up labor costs and rework

3M™ Vinyl Tape Safety and 5S Color Coding Pack is a versatile and multi-use combination pack consisting of 1 roll each of yellow, orange, red, green, blue, and black colored 3M™ Vinyl Tape 471, 1 roll of black and white 3M™ Safety Stripe Tape 5700 and 1 roll of black and yellow 3M™ Safety Stripe Tape 5702

A Specialized Solution for Every Problem
Convenient pack of color coding vinyl tapes to help implement the 5S system by providing floor marking and safety identification. The included 3M™ Vinyl Tapes and 3M™ Safety Stripe Tapes come in a variety of bright colors that are locked into the vinyl for permanent high visibility. Perfect for lane marking, hazard and safety warning of floors, loading docks, shipping areas and warehouses.

When compared to painting, 3M™ Vinyl Tapes and 3M™ Safety Stripe Tapes are easy to apply requiring minimal downtime of production area thus increasing staff productivity.

Recommended Applications

  • Yellow for aisles, walk-ways and traffic lanes, work cells
  • Orange for material or product inspection or temporary storage locations
  • Red for safety or first aid, defect, scrap or red tag marking
  • Green for material and manufacturing, finished goods
  • Blue for material and manufacturing, raw materials
  • Black for materials and manufacturing, work in progress
  • Black and yellow for areas of potential health risks, extra caution needs to be taken
  • Black and white for areas to stay out of for operational purposes

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