3M™ Self-Stick Liquid Protection Fabric


3M™ Self-Stick Liquid Protection Fabric
  • 3M™ Self-Stick Liquid Protection Fabric
  • 3M™ Self-Stick Liquid Protection Fabric
  • 3M™ Self-Stick Liquid Protection Fabric
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    3M™ Self-Stick Liquid Protection Fabric

    Creative Safety Supply is proud to partner with 3M and offer the 3M™ Self-Stick Liquid Protection Fabric.  Need to keep an area clean while doing repairs, maintenance, painting, or contract work?  Put down a layer of this Liquid Protection, and keep your surfaces or job site safe from spills of oil, paint, hydraulic fluid, etc.



    • Specially engineered surface protection material for industrial and automotive applications
    • Temporarily protects surfaces from the damaging effects of liquids, oils and solvents while also trapping dirt
    • Adhesive backing keeps material secure and makes for fast, easy application
    • Resists UV rays – can be used outdoors for up to two weeks
    • Repositionable material applies quickly and removes easily without residue
    • Conformable material can be applied to irregular surfaces such as hoses and part stands
    • Has been shown to improve traction to help reduce the likelihood of slips and falls

    3M™ Self-Stick Liquid Protection Fabric is ideal for a wide range of temporary surface protection in industrial settings. Its liquid-proof layer protects work surfaces from water, oils, solvents and more. Its nonwoven surface traps dirt, dust and debris and prevents them from spreading through the facility. Its adhesive backing keeps it securely in place and removes without residue.

    Temporary Surface Protection from Industrial Liquids
    Expanding the capabilities of our well-known 3M™ Dirt Trap products, 3M™ Self-Stick Liquid Protection Fabric is developed specifically for temporary surface protection from fluids, dirt and a wide range of other contaminants in industrial applications. This thin, lightweight adhesive-backed surface protection material features a tough polymer layer that prevents grease, grime, solvents and other liquids from seeping through and damaging the surfaces beneath. Unlike paper or plastic sheeting, its non-woven surface – engineered by 3M specifically to trap dirt, dust, debris and overspray – prevents small particles from spreading through the facility where they can settle on work surfaces and cause damage and rework.

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      3M™ Self-Stick Liquid Protection Fabric

      3M™ Self-Stick Liquid Protection Fabric


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