Durastripe Hazard Tape

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Durastripe Hazard Tape
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DuraStripe Supreme V (SV) Hazard Tape - 100' per roll.  
(comes with Supreme V adhesive)

100% smear and scuff-resistant "caution" striping.

Ideal for alerting workers of where to be cautious in the workplace.
Available in widths ranging from 2" all the way to 34".

Hazard striping is ideal for visually warning workers of hazardous work areas. Electrical panels are required to be free from any materials for easy access in case of emergencies. Hazard striping clearly identifies areas like these and emphasizes the importance of keeping the area clear at all times.


Technical Data
Clear rubber-based adhesive good for clean, smooth concrete floors.
Application Temperature: 35°F to 90°F
Service Temperature: 0°F to 130°F

Nominal Thickness: 30 mils


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    Durastripe Hazard Tape

    Durastripe Hazard Tape