Andon 120 Volt LED Light Tower Kit: Red Flashing

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Andon 120 Volt LED Light Tower Kit: Red Flashing
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Andon Red LED Tower Light 120 Volt Flashing

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This kit is designed to assist in the grouping of component parts to build a complete 5 Section Red/Amber/Green/Blue/White Andon Tower light switch station. In so doing, one could rest assured that the components will work together eliminating any tolerance issues, improper component choices, and so forth. 

This kit is wiring optional for the choice of flashing AND solid light actuation. This kit includes 3 position switches therefore it can be wired for Steady/OFF/Flashing activation. 

This kit includes the following: 

  • 1x  stack light with 3.5" mounting pole (HE-2782-032) and angle wall mount bracket (LD-5200-100)
  • 1x ABS switch box enclosure with knockouts
  • Maintained 3 position selector switches
  • 1x Cord grip and nut for running power cable
  • 1x Structural enclosure stiffener plate for durability
  • 1x WA-2632-006 120VAC 3-Prong Power Cable pre-stripped to 3 inches
  • 1x 1/2" to 3/8" reducing washer for converting 22mm knockout to tower light pole diameter
  • 1x Assembly kit which includes components such as fork terminals, butt splices, wire, colored vinyl tags, among other parts to help facilitate complete assembly

Tools such as a phillips head screwdriver, wire strippers, a socket/mandril/flat head screwdriver (for knockout), etc, are required to assemble. Technical skills may be necessary. Assembly instructions NOT included. 


  • Weight:               5 pounds
  • Power Voltage:     120VAC
  • Logic Voltage:      24VDC Internally Supplied (Dry Contact)
  • Current Rating:    Max. Draw 8 Watts
  • NEMA/IP Rating:  IP55
  • LED Lifespan:      25,000-50,000 Hours Typical
  • Contact Rating:    10 Amp Max
  • Contact Type:      (2) NO Contacts Per Switch
  • Operation:           Steady AND Flashing

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Andon 120 Volt LED Light Tower Kit: Red Flashing

Andon 120 Volt LED Light Tower Kit: Red Flashing