Andon Red LED Tower Light 120 Volt Flashing

Andon Red LED Tower Light 120 Volt Flashing
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    Andon Red LED Tower Light 120 Volt Flashing

    ((Clearance items are final and cannot be returned))

    Stack-lights, tower lights and signal beacons are an economical and effective tool for any facility. Commonly used for material, line stoppage indication, quality, supervisor, line leader or team leader requests, plc output control, predictive and preventative maintenance, as well as reactive maintenance. The utilization of LED Tower Lights is extremely effective when visual signaling is necessary and price is an issue. Anything from one to five colored sections are available as well as with audible signaling and flashing capabilities.

    Flashing/Continuous operation lights with built in buzzer option operate by user applying power to the power pair and shorting the provided color control wire to the provided continuous common OR flashing common depending on operation needed. These are ideal for facilities using mechanical relays for activation or wiring to multiple position selector switches for on/off/on activation.

    LED Tower Light comes standard with a 3.5 inch mounting pole and a wall mount-mounting bracket. With a 2-inch diameter cylindrical light stack, this Tower Light Beacon has a 360-degree viewing angle. 

    Wiring is powered 120VAC Hot -Ground. Signals are switched via contact closure between supplied steady common (or alternatively, flashing common) and desired output signal wires. Power consumption is less than 8 Watts. 

    Made for an easy install, the replaceable LED bulbs make the Tower Light conveniently easy for maintenance and upkeep compared to incandescent versions. 

    The Stack Light casing has a sealant rating of IP 55 (limited ingress protection from dust and low-pressure water).


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      Andon Red LED Tower Light 120 Volt Flashing

      Andon Red LED Tower Light 120 Volt Flashing