Blank Foam "You-Cut" Kits


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Tool foam helps you better organize your tools for increased productivity. Foam tool organizers come with 2 pieces of durable, closed-cell foam in contrasting colors so you quickly notice when tools are missing from your toolbox. Select the size and color options you'd like.

Protect your tools and other objects.
Tool foam holds objects in place in your toolbox so they don't slide around when you open or close drawers.
Stop searching for missing tools.
The high-contrast background layer calls attention to missing tools, so they're more likely to get put back where they belong.
100% control of layout, easy to install.
Tool foam is completely customizable, so you can lay out your tools the way you want them and cut your foam to fit your drawers.


Durable Foam

Foam Tool Kits are made from cross-link, closed-cell foam that can withstand continual use.


Easy to Install

Cut the foam with a utility knife or hot knife and place the layers in your drawer.



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