Case Study - ASR Group / Domino Sugar

Orion Aerospace
Products used: LabelTac®

Company Profile

Domino Sugar, a part of ASR Group, has been producing sugar products for over 100 years. The company has three sugar refineries in the United States—in New York, Maryland, and Louisiana—where it produces granulated sugar and other sweeteners for consumers, food manufacturers, and the food service industry.

The Task

The company wanted to improve organization and increase efficiency at its Louisiana plant by labeling storage areas with visual cues and instructions. It also wanted to add labels to the machine shop for added safety and efficiency.

The Solution

Labels printed on the LabelTacLabels printed on the LabelTac

The MRP Controller at Domino Sugar’s Louisiana refinery purchased a LabelTac® industrial label printer to create detailed labels. With the printer, the company made labels tailored to its specific needs.

For example, labels with item numbers were created to help people navigate storage areas. These labels were placed prominently on shelves. Up or down arrows were also added to the labels to indicate what items the labels referred to, which helped improve organization. Labels were also used for large items such as motors, sprockets, reducers, and gears.

Smaller labels were used on drawers and on smaller shelves to aid with organization as well.

Additionally, labels were created for use on parts and equipment in the facility’s machine shop.


The Results

By adding labels to its storage areas and its machine shop, Domino Sugar saw a number of benefits. Cycle counts, put-aways, and picks all improved because employees could more easily verify items and their locations. Housekeeping also improved because everything has a clearly marked place. The appearance of the workplace improved as well, and the company reports that it now looks cleaner and more professional.

Try improving organization in your own facility with a LabelTac® printer.