Case Study - Custom Building Products

Custom Building Products
Products used: Floor Tape, Floor Signs

Company Profile

Customer Building Products is a manufacturer of floor preparation products and tile and stone installation systems. The company sells products such as grout, mortar, and tile and stone care products to contractors, architects, and homeowners. Headquartered in California, Custom Building Products has manufacturing and distribution locations throughout North America.

The Task

Custom Building Products’ manufacturing plant in Frankfort, Indiana, wanted to improve traffic flow in its facility. Pedestrians and forklifts routinely move through the same space, which can create safety hazards. CBP was looking for bright, visual tools that would make it easier for people and vehicles to navigate the workspace.

The Solution

CBP purchased 3” width SafetyTac® floor marking tape in red, yellow, green, white, and hazard (red/white) to create pedestrian walkways. The company also selected a variety of floor signs including “Stop – Look Out for Forklifts,” “Pedestrian Crossing,” and “Quality Control,” as well as orange arrows to indicate the direction traffic should flow. CBP also purchased a LabelTac® industrial label printer to create labels for parking spaces, supply areas, and more.

Using these tools, CBP outlined walking paths, created parking spaces for forklifts, and highlighted areas that are particularly dangerous.

Custom Building Products - Floor Marking

The Results

These visual floor markings have allowed employees at Custom Building Products in Indiana to more easily and safely move through the workplace. Forklifts now have specific locations for parking, and people know to stop and look for cross traffic in areas where pedestrians and forklifts could intersect.

Additionally, the visual markings have made the facility feel more professional and more organized:

Quote from Customer:
“We have many visitors coming into our facility and we get nothing but good comments about how nice our facility looks…Our facility is both a much more organized and safer place for all of our employees, vendors, and guests.” – James Scott, Production Manager

Try creating pathways in your own facility with floor markings.