Case Study - Kenco Fleet Services

Orion Aerospace
Products used: Floor Tape

Company Profile

Kenco Fleet Services, a division of Kenco Group, is a provider of material handling fleet services and fleet optimization. The company has helped businesses across North America acquire, maintain, and manage material handling equipment for more than 50 years.

The Task

Kenco Fleet Services needed to replace the floor markings in the shop area at one of its warehouse locations. Some parts of the floor had painted floor lines that were worn, making them less noticeable. Other areas lacked floor markings. Since forklifts and other equipment move in and out of this area, the business needed clear markings to facilitate the safe movement of vehicles.

The Solution

Kenco used red SafetyTac® EDGE floor marking tape to outline vehicle pathways and forklift parking spaces. They also used yellow tape and hazard tape (black/yellow, red/white) to highlight other important areas and aid with the organization of equipment.

Parking Spaces marked with floor tape - before and afer
Creating Organized areas with Floor Markings

Floor signs were used to emphasize what designated spaces should be used for: forklift parking signs were placed in each parking space, “No Forklift Area” signs were used where vehicle traffic isn’t allowed, and forklift crossing signs were placed so pedestrians know where to look out for forklifts.

Floor Tape Arrows

Additionally, yellow Smart Stripe arrows were placed on the floor to direct traffic from a nearby pedestrian entrance.

The Results

SafetyTac® floor marking tape allowed Kenco to create clear lines for vehicle and foot traffic in its shop. These new lines are bright and very noticeable. By combining these markings with relevant floor signs to direct forklift traffic, the company has made it easier for forklifts and other vehicles to move around the facility safely. The odds of a collision are reduced when clear traffic markings are employed.

Create clear pathways for vehicles in your own facility with floor marking tape.