Case Study - Liberty Fit

Liberty Fit and Creative Safety Supply

Liberty Fit Starting Line


On March 18, 2013, Laura Jenkins of Liberty High School in Hillsboro Oregon sent an email to requesting help for an event her program was preparing for. Jenkins is the director of the Liberty Fit fitness club at the high school which holds an annual event to raise funds for their program. The email was received by Creative Safety Supply's general manager, Brandon Nys. Shortly after receiving the email, Nys forwarded it onto further channels requesting the approval for donation. After reviewing the needs and developing a plan of action to help with the request, CSS was able to provide the necessary equipment needed for the Liberty Fit event, at no cost to the organizers.



The Liberty Fit fitness club was founded over seven years ago. The club is designed to involve students who are uninvolved and lack motivation to participate in sports at the high school. These “at-risk” students are offered a chance to become apart of a school group where care and support from adults as well as peers is given, and positive habits are developed at no costs to the students.

Liberty Fit Runners

In order to fund the program at no charge to the students, the club holds an annual event to raise funds and promote the club. The Falcon 15k Relay is an open relay race open to the public which ranges from a 5k run/walk to the full 15k relay race. The course is a USATF certified course which begins and ends at the Liberty High School track. The 2013 event was held on April 20.

The club strives to create an atmosphere where the students can develop mentally, socially, and physically. The group brings together individuals with a variety of backgrounds and interests who would most likely not have had an opportunity to interact with one another otherwise. The end result of the 15 week program is to have the members complete the Helvetia Half-Marathon in June.

Caution Runners on the Road

Donations requested:

Within Jenkins original email is a request for the items she felt Creative Safety Supply could be of assistance with. Her concern was focused on the safety and well-being of her runners as they trained on busy streets. She wanted to have custom signs created to mark their route, making both drivers and runners aware of the route. Specifically Jenkins requested several bright yellow, green, or orange signs that said “caution, runners on road,” “Liberty Fit runners ahead,” or “caution runners,” and some running figures on the signs.

Jenkins acknowledged the original price for the signs on the Creative Safety Supply website, which she independently researched. She provided background information and links to her club for further research if needed. Jenkins also requested a price quote on the signs if no donation was possible.


Creative Safety Supply's philosophy:

CSS is an organization that prides itself on supporting non-profit organizations that work towards creating better, stronger, and healthier communities for all to enjoy, both locally and nationally. CSS understands each non-profit organization has its unique value to their communities needs and strives to support those needs, when possible. The annual budget at CSS has allocated funds for supporting these organizations, however no cash donations are available. The donation policy is solely based off the products CSS can provide to your groups event in order to make it run safe and organized. By working closely with your organization, CSS can determine the right products and needs to keep your event running safe and sound.

Things to consider when requesting donation supplies from CSS:

  1. Purpose of event: How is your event going to better your community and create a safe atmosphere?What are the specific supplies you will need in order to run a safe and organized event? Almost all donation requests are in the form of a customized product. As a result, CSS requires a 60 day notice to process and supply donation requests in most cases.
  2. Your goals: What will you do with the products CSS is going to provide you with? Providing this information will help CSS determine if they are a good fit for your organization's goals and mission.
  3. Our Mission: As an organization, CSS is dedicated to safety and hazard awareness, we are always looking for positive ways to spread this message whether it's in the workplace or through community outreach programs.

CSS and Liberty Fit:

Signage Donated by Creative Safety Supply

Liberty Fit had a specific message and goal in mind when reaching out to CSS. Their focus was on safety and awareness for all those involved. They had a detailed plan of action for their event and provided the necessary information as to how CSS can directly help their plan.

CSS was more than willing to help out with the Liberty Fit event and provide the necessary equipment needed to keep the runners safe and local traffic aware of the runners. CSS provided the customized signs to let the runners know where to run and produced a banner for the start/finish line, which was above and beyond what the initial request entailed. The signs and banners will now be available for the group to continue safe training sessions for years to come and future races.

“Brandon went above and beyond my wildest expectations, the signs and banners turned our Falcon 15k Relay into a very organized, professional looking event that was a huge success in raising funds for our Liberty Fit program.” -Quoting Laurie Jenkins, program director for Liberty Fit

Liberty Fit Starting Line


The CSS and Liberty Fit relationship was smooth and effective, in part due to both parties dedication to safety and awareness. Lining up similar goals is a big part of CSS's decision policy when considering a donation. The Falcon 15k Relay was a success in large part to the organizers and their ability to provide a safe environment for its participants. CSS was happy to help provide the awareness and contribute to a well-deserving cause.

If your organization feels like CSS could lend a hand in keeping your next event safe, please feel free to follow the link below and submit the request for donations form accordingly.