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5S project coming up? Test the high quality and versatility of LabelTac® labels ahead of time.

If you’re looking to improve employee safety and cut down on those familiar eight wastes of Lean, choosing to implement 5S in the workplace is a step in the right direction. With a sample pack, you can test the versatility and high-quality product that is LabelTac® and see how these labels enhance communication and organization.

What's included in your sample pack:

  • A pack of sample LabelTac® labels designed to help with 5S projects
  • Top-rated floor tapes to use with your labels for a complete marking system
  • SafetyTac® Shape samples such as Ts, dots, and arrows
  • A comprehensive preparation and installation guide

All LabelTac® sample packs ship with a variety of labels to give you a taste of our full range of applications up close and in person. For planning a 5S project, we not only offer LabelTac® sample packs but free, downloadable resources such as guides and infographics.

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