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Learn to identify wasteful practices with Gemba Walks.

Gemba means “the real place.” It's the place where value is created at your business. A Gemba Walk is a Lean manufacturing concept that involves heading out into the workplace to see how things are going.

This free 22-page Introduction to Gemba explains:

  • What Gemba is and what it is NOT.
  • The 4 steps to using Gemba walks successfully.
  • A sample Gemba walk schedule.
  • How Gemba relates to other Lean concepts and fits into the bigger picture of your business.

By taking Gemba Walks, managers can get ideas for improvement from the place where value is created: the work floor. This guide not only helps managers identify areas of waste, but improves company culture, and increases safety in the workplace.

“I have just read your 'Introduction to Gemba' handbook and have to say it is about the best description of Gemba I have come across. It is so amazingly clear and simple.” - Jeremy O.

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