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Learn about the importance of following the NFPA 25 standard with this guide.

Once a fire protection system has been approved and installed in a building, the system then relies on standards that mandate regular inspection, testing, and maintenance to keep that system functioning in case a fire occurs. In the case of NFPA 25, this standard applies to those who have water-based fire protection systems installed within their building infrastructure. Following this standard is mandated by local state laws in accordance with the International Fire code. If this standard applies to your company, you have a responsibility in following it to keep your employees safe.

This guide will cover topics such as:

  • The purpose of NFPA 25
  • The importance of fire protection and prevention systems
  • The series of changes that the standard has gone though up until this point in time
  • The general requirements building owners must adhere to in providing the safest working environment for employees
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NFPA 25 Guide

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