Flir InfraRed Window IRW-3C

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Flir InfraRed Window IRW-3C
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FLIR IRW-3C IR Inspection Windows, 3" (75mm)

FLIR IRW-3C Infrared Inspection Window 3" (75mm) for indoor and outdoor applications. With Broadband Crystal Lens and Easy PIRma-Lock™ Installation.

Reduce hazardous risks during thermal and visual electrical cabinet inspections with FLIR IR Windows. Increase inspection efficiency without compromising on safety.

Compliant with NFPA 70E requirements. Tested and certified for arc flash safety (KEMA), CSA and CSAus Model Certification, and have Underwriters Laboratories recognition (UL 50V).


Flir System products only available for sale in the US.


  • Compatible with All FLIR Cameras
  • PIRma-Lock Installation System
  • Cover and Fastener Permanently Attached
  • Single-hole Installation
  • Thumb Screw and Safety Screw Included
  • Broadband IR -- Short-, Mid-, & Longwave
  • Visible Light Spectrum
  • Picture-in-Picture & Fusion Image Blending
  • UL Component Recognition (UL 50V)

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Flir InfraRed Window IRW-3C

Flir InfraRed Window IRW-3C


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