Footprint Stencil

Footprint Stencil
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    • Sturdy stencil material
    • Reusable for many applications
    • Excess paint wipes off easily

    Using a footprint stencil is an excellent example of visual communication in action. The stencil is very simple in that it is just shaped like a footprint. You can use the stencil to make a path that will look like people had walked through that area. This will help remind people which direction they need to be going. You can make a variety of paths through your facility to ensure people know exactly where they need to go.

    Some facilities use this stencil to make different paths in different colors. You can have one colored path of footprints that lead to an exit, another that lead to a particular work area and another that may go to the offices. There are endless options when it comes to how you can use this footprint stencil in your facility to improve the visual communication strategy.


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      Footprint Stencil

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