LED LENSER® M7 200 Lumen Flashlight

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LED LENSER® M7 200 Lumen Flashlight
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LED LENSER® M7 200 Lumen Flashlight

The LENSER M7 LED is not your average flashlight. This flashlight offers eight different light functions in a small package, making this flashlight easily transportable while also providing an effective light source for any situation. The eight M7 Flashlight functions include: Morse Code, Boost (extra bright for a short time), Power (standard Luminosity), Low Power (Approximately 15% output), Dim (stageless adjustment between 15% and 100% allows for the selection of the desired light intensity), Blink (light pulses emitted automatically at regular intervals), Automatic SOS, and Defense Strobe.


  • White high-end power LED beam
  • 3.5 Hour battery life at 165 lumens in energy saver mode
  • Energy Saver and Constant Current modes
  • 8 light functions
  • Rapid-focus beam with 1-hand operation and lock to hold focus
  • Hard gold-plated battery contracts to maximize efficiency and resist corrosion
  • Modular design for easy replacement of parts
  • Water resistant

Product Specifications:

  • Light Output: Up to 200 Lumens (Varies by light function)
  • Beam Distance: up to 230 meters (Varies by light function)
  • Run time: up to 10.5 hours (Varies by light function)
  • LED: High end power LED
  • Length: 5.39”
  • Weight: 6.81 oz
  • Battery: 4 x AAA batteries

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LED LENSER® M7 200 Lumen Flashlight

LED LENSER® M7 200 Lumen Flashlight


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