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Pipe MarkingQuickly identify what's in your facility's pipes.

Pipe marking is a critical component of any facility’s labeling. Properly labeled pipes and valves can dramatically reduce the risk of injury or damage should a leak or burst occur, as well as reduce any overall incident response time. ASME/ ANSI A13.1 standards state that employers must label pipes to show contents and color code them to indicate what possible hazards could result from that substance. Pipes containing ammonia, marine vessels, and health care facilities each have their own labeling standards, so be sure to check out our free pipe marking guides for more information.

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19 pages of expert charts, regulatory information, tips, and more.

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Top Categories in Pipe Marking

Pipe Label Printers

Pipe Label Printers

Create high volumes of labels yourself with a LabelTac® industrial label printer. Select the printer model that fits the demands of your facility and start saving on your labeling costs by making the labels you need, when you need them.

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Pipe Marking Supplies

Pipe Marking Bundles

Save hundreds of dollars by purchasing a pipe marking printer with the supply and ribbon you’ll need for your pipe labeling project. Purchase a pre-made bundle or customize to fit your facility.

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Pipe Marking Supplies

Pipe Marking Supplies

Select supplies in the colors and widths you need to make compliant pipe markers. You’ll find all the colors in the ANSI/ASME A13.1 color code, plus many others.

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Free Pipe Marking Resources & Related Articles

Pipe Label Calculator Free Resource NEW

Determine exactly what pipe labels you’ll need, and what supplies you’ll need to create them.

Pipe Marking E-Book Free Guide

Follow these steps to create ANSI/AMSE-compliant pipe labels, fast. In this e-book, you will learn color, size, text, and placement requirements.

Ammonia Marking Quick Guide Free Guide

Learn the 5 components of compliant ammonia pipe labels with this helpful chart. Includes a color-coded diagram showing pipe label format.

ANSI Color Codes for Pipe Marking Articles > Safety

Pipes are often described as the arteries of a facility. They bring a wide range of things to places throughout the building for use. There ... [Read Article]

Pipe Color Codes Articles > Safety

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Ammonia Pipe Label Requirements Articles > Safety

Ammonia has the chemical formula of NH3 and is a popular chemical used in many applications. One of the common industrial uses for amm ... [Read Article]

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Additional Pipe Marking Categories

Valve Tags

Valve Tags

Complete your pipe marking system with long-lasting tags for your valves. Valve tags contain space to write important information. You can also print information with a label printer and apply it to these tags.

Ammonia Markers

Ammonia Markers

Get labels for your ammonia refrigeration system that meet the requirements of IIAR standards. Make label selections that have the necessary five components: abbreviation, physical state, marker body, pressure level, and flow direction.

Pipe Marking Labels

Pre-made Pipe Labels

Create a custom pipe label or browse our large selection of pre-made pipe markers. Customize your selections by choosing the appropriate size and directional arrows. A simple way to get the labels you need delivered to your door.

Medical Gas Markers

Medical Gas Markers

Find pipe markers specifically designed for use in medical facilities. Label pipes with contents such as nitrous oxide, oxygen, and more.

Fire Sprinkler Systems

Fire Sprinkler System Labels

Use pipe marking labels on your fire sprinkler system so employees and emergency responders can quickly respond during an emergency.

Pipe Marking Accessories

Pipe Marking Accessories

Get tools, tapes, and other products to make your pipe marking project go smoothly.

Featured Pipe Marking Products


  • Custom Printed Pipe Marking Labels

    Custom Printed Pipe Marking Labels Select the size and color, and type the customized text you would like on your label. Turn around time is same day or next business day. Custom Printed Pipe Markers all comply with the most recent ANSI/ASME A13.1... More details

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  • Compressed Air

    Pre-Printed Compressed Air Line Marking Labels Compressed air is used at high pressures and can injure a person if her or she doesn't know the pipe's content. Use our pre-printed pipe marker and air line labels to inform workers about pipe and air line... More details

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  • Pipe Marking Arrow Tape

    108' per roll 1", 2", and 4" widths available Various base color/arrow color combinations Durable vinyl material Aggressive adhesive Clear over-lamination to protect printed surface Continuous print design All colors meet the ANSI 535.1 Safety Color... More details

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  • High Pressure Gas

    Pipe Labels: High Pressure Gas Industrial facilities can be dangerous, but labeling pipes can help keep employees and maintenance personnel safe. Our pre-printed High Pressure Gas labels clarify exactly what a pipe contains. Printed using our... More details

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  • Label Applicator Pole

    Label Applicator With Telescoping Pole Fast - Apply labels quickly! Safe - Reach high up from the safety of the ground! Smart - No more ladders, lifts, or scaffolding! Safe and smart way to apply labels in your facility Ideal for pipe marking... More details

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  • Backwash

    Pre-Printed Backwash Marking Labels Identify and mark pool Backwash pipes with these durable and helpful pipe marking labels. Our labels are printed with a professional-grade LabelTac® Industrial Label Printer. These pre-made pipe marking labels... More details

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  • Pipe Marking Printer

    LabelTac® Pro X - Pipe Marking Printer Tackle massive pipe marking projects in an instant with the LabelTac Pro X Industrial Pipe Marking Printer. The LabelTac Pro X brings customization to your fingertips, allowing you to create complex or simple... More details

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    Pipe Marking Printer

  • Rack Label Printer

    LabelTac® Pro X - Rack Label Printer Whether you’re creating complex or simple rack labels, the LabelTac Industrial Rack Label Printer has you covered. The LabelTac Pro X labeling printer gives you the power to customize rack labels to your... More details

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    Rack Label Printer

  • Electric Traced

    Pre-Printed Electric Traced Marking Labels Electric Tracing pipes helps keep water pipes cool during cold months. Keep these pipes identified with durable Electric Traced pipe marking labels. Our labels are printed with a... More details

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  • Fiber Optic

    Pre-Printed Fiber Optic Marking Labels Use durable identifying Fiber Optic markers to notify workers of electrical lines. Our labels are printed with a professional-grade LabelTac® Industrial Label Printer. These pre-made pipe marking labels... More details

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  • Single Phase

    Pre-Printed Single Phase Marking Labels Clearly mark electrical lines, power lines, and more with our easily noticeable and tough Single Phase, pre-printed pipe marking labels. Our labels are printed with a professional-grade LabelTac®... More details

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  • High Voltage

    Pre-Printed High Voltage Marking Labels Warn personnel of high voltage equipment or pipes with this noticeable and durable High Voltage pre-printed pipe marking label. Our labels are printed with a professional-grade LabelTac® Industrial Label... More details

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  • Lab Compressed Air

    Pre-Printed Lab Compressed Air Line Marking Labels Easily identify Lab Compressed Air with durable, pre-printed pipe marking labels. Our labels are printed with a professional-grade LabelTac® Industrial Label Printer. These pre-made pipe marking... More details

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  • Medical Compressed Air

    Pre-Printed Medical Compressed Air Line Marking Labels Separate Medical Compressed Air from standard Compressed Air with easily identifiable pre-printed pipe marking labels. Our labels are printed with a professional-grade LabelTac® Industrial... More details

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