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Floor Marking Tapes

Floor markings can make open spaces easier to understand, create traffic lanes, alert people to hazards, and keep the workplace organized. Our floor marking tapes – including our SafetyTac and Smart Stripe Tape products – come in a variety of colors and sizes and they’re tough enough to meet the needs of industrial facilities.

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Label Printers & Supply

A safe, efficient workplace relies on clear labeling and signage. A label printer can help you create high-quality signage for your facility, and it lets you do it on demand. With a printer from our LabelTac Printer Series you can make the labels you need in the colors and sizes you need them. Printing with an industrial label printer is low-cost, and our printers come with an unbeatable warranty and top-notch customer support.

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Floor & Wall Signs

A visual facility is a safer facility, and our floor and wall signs are effective tools for adding visual communication to your workplace. Our wall signs are UV, weather, and chemical-resistant, and our floor signs can handle traffic and spills without a problem. We offer pre-made signs, but signs can also be customized to meet your needs at no additional cost!

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Tool/Foam Organizers

If too much time is spent searching for tools at your workplace, toolbox foam is the solution. These foam kits fit easily into the drawers of a toolbox to prevent damage to tools and drawers. They also clearly mark where each tool belongs so users can quickly see when a tool is missing and where tools should be returned. Don’t use toolboxes? No problem. We also offer pegboards and vinyl for creating shadow boards.

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Lean Supplies & Training

While Lean Manufacturing may simplify your work processes and make your facility run more smoothly, getting started can feel like a challenge. Our Lean supplies and training materials provide the tools you’ll need to go from disorder to order and from slow to efficient. Whether you’re looking for tools related to 5S, Kaizen, Kanban, or other Lean practices, we can help.

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Safety Products

We aim to help you increase the level of safety in your workplace with our selection of personal protective equipment, lockout/tagout equipment, and emergency response materials. Our products will prevent accidents, treat injuries, and help fulfill OSHA requirements.

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