SignCast™ L100 Virtual Line Unit

SignCast L100 Virtual Line Unit
  • SignCast L100 Virtual Line Unit
  • SignCast L100 Virtual Line Unit
  • SignCast L100 Virtual Line Unit
  • SignCast L100 Green line

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SignCast™ L100 Virtual Line Unit

Floor tape and paint lines serve an important role in the workplace, but in tough, industrial environments, they often require a lot of maintenance. The SignCast™ L100 unit creates an indestructible floor line that eliminates the need for maintenance, changing the way you handle floor marking in your facility.

The SignCast™ L100 Virtual Line unit creates bright floor lines in locations where high traffic or uneven floors make traditional floor marking methods difficult. This unique floor marking method uses a high-intensity laser to project a line onto any surface, indoors or outdoors. The SignCast™ L100 can mark boundaries of workspaces or be paired with a second unit to create aisles or traffic lanes with two lines. Easily adjust the line length to fit your space. This green unit takes the stress out of floor marking in challenging areas. It's easy to set up and requires little maintenance, so you won't need to worry about replacing or repairing floor tape and floor paint anymore. Plus, the SignCast™ L100 Virtual Line unit comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranty.

  • Projects a high-intensity laser line on any surface
  • Available in green 
  • Works in nearly all lighting conditions
  • IP65-rated for water and weather resistance
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty


SignCast™ L100 Virtual Line Unit Bright Lines

Clear lines

High-intensity lasers project bright lines in nearly all lighting situations.

SignCast™ L100 Virtual Line Unit Install Near Ceiling

Low maintenance

Mount the L100 near the ceiling, turn it on, and you’ll have a line that can’t be damaged.

SignCast™ All Weather

Water/weather resistant

You can even use this unit outdoors or near loading docks where wet conditions can damage tape or paint.

Technical Specifications


  • Class 3B laser
  • 120V - 50/60 Hz power unit (12V - 2.0A output)
  • 0.5A Max


  • IP65-rated for water/weather resistance - can be used indoors and outdoors
  • Adjustable line length
  • Durable construction
  • 4.5' (laser unit) + 6' (power unit) power cords
  • Includes mounting plate and swivel base for versatile mounting
  • Includes mounting hardware for secure mounting

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1 Year Warranty

All SignCast Virtual Floor Sign Systems include a one-year limited warranty on manufacturer defects, so you won╠ąt need to worry about equipment malfunctions. This warranty does not cover bulbs. Contact Creative Safety Supply for service or repair.

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    SignCast L100 Virtual Line Unit

    SignCast L100 Virtual Line Unit