SpillTech 95-Gallon OverPack Salvage Drum

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SpillTech 95-Gallon OverPack Salvage Drum
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SpillTech 95-Gallon OverPack Salvage Drum

Stock a SpillTech® OverPack with sorbents for emergency spill response, or use it as a salvage drum to ship damaged containers or hazardous waste.

DOT-Approved for Salvage

All SpillTech® OverPacks are DOT-approved and X-rated for use as salvage drums. Helps companies conform to federal regulations when shipping damaged or leaking containers of hazardous materials, or absorbents contaminated with hazardous substances.

Perfect for Spill Kits

Stores sorbent products (not included) for easy access as needed for spill control. Saves time when quick response is necessary.

Sturdy Construction

100% polyethylene OverPack resists chemicals, rust and corrosion for years of use. Integrated handles make them easy to lift, move or carry with standard material handling equipment. Twist-on, double-wall lid with closed-cell gasket provides sealed, secure closure to prevent leaks and protect contents from moisture, dirt and damage. Durable to withstand rough handling.

Customized for You

We can customize a Spill Kit to your exact specifications, including the container, its contents and accessories, with no upcharge! Contact your local Distributor for details.


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    SpillTech 95-Gallon OverPack Salvage Drum

    SpillTech 95-Gallon OverPack Salvage Drum