uttana presents: Fundamental Principles of 5S

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üttana presents: 5S

5S is a term used to describe the 5 Japanese words Seiri, Seiton, Seiso, Seiketsu, and Shitsuke, which are translated to English as Sort, Set in Order/Straighten, Shine/Sweep, Standardize, and Sustain.

5S is an approach used for organizing the workplace to improve performance. It uses visual controls to eliminate or remove unnecessary materials and equipment, streamlining the workplace by placing items where they are needed while eliminating constant reaching and/or moving unnecessarily to find tools and equipment. It also introduces how to standardize labels and organization, cleanliness, and more so you can have a safe, orderly, productive work environment.

This 5S Lean DVD series contains 9 videos with a run time of29:19 total and takes you through the major elements of implementing a 5S program in your organization.

Courses Included:

Course 1 - Introduction to the 5S Concept (3 Videos)

Introduction and overview of 5S, what 5S stands for, and why using 5S is essential to any Lean Journey. 5S, one of the most versatile Lean techniques, is easily implemented in just about any work environment – the office, an auto shop, or the manufacturing and factory floor. The course looks at the environmental impacts 5S brings with it and how it can be used to nurture sustainable business. The structure and importance of 5S Teams is explained, documenting who should be involved, who benefits most, and what the potential results from your 5S effort will be.

  • Video 1 - Why 5S
  • Video 2 - How 5S Is Green
  • Video 3 - 5S Teams

Course Supplement - 7 Wastes - A Key Tool for 5S Success

The best way to eliminate waste in your organization is by gaining an understanding of the 7 Wastes of Lean. Often referred to as the 7 Deadly Wastes of Lean, these forms of waste are prevalent in most organizations. They have been known to greatly hinder even the best 5S program. Learn how to take measures to eliminate them and don't get trapped by wasteful habits or processes. Clearly understanding each of the 7 wastes will help you eliminate them.

  • Video 1 - The 7 Wastes of Lean

Course 2 - 5Ss of the 5S Methodology (5 Videos)

This course walks you through the sequence of Sort, Set in Order/Straighten, Shine/Sweep, Standardize, and Sustain and it deepens your knowledge of the methodology behind each of these vital processes.

  • Video 1 - Sort
  • Video 2 - Set in Order
  • Video 3 - Shine
  • Video 4 - Standardize
  • Video 5 - Sustain

Number of Videos - 9

Running length - 29:19


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  • Perfect!

    Posted by Gavin King on 24th Oct 2013

    It was very difficult to decide which training DVD to pick for our team. We are very happy with our selection. The uttana video was just what we needed. Thanks Eric for the recommendation!

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uttana presents: Fundamental Principles of 5S

uttana presents: Fundamental Principles of 5S


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