Virtual Stop Signs

Virtual Stop Sign

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This image plate is used with the SignCast™ S300 Virtual Sign unit.

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Virtual Stop Sign

Does your facility have a lot of foot and vehicle traffic, uneven floors, or surfaces that don’t work well with adhesives? A virtual stop sign is the most effective way to direct traffic in these challenging locations. This stop sign, projected by a SignCast™ S300 Virtual Sign unit, is indestructible. This traffic control method uses an image plate and a high-output LED bulb to project a stop sign at distances of up to 50’. It’s easy to install, cost-effective, and requires virtually no maintenance, which means less hassle and less downtime.

  • Stop sign projects at distances of up to 50’
  • Easy to mount near the ceiling and adjust as needed
  • Uses long-life, high-output lamps
  • Works in almost all lighting conditions
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty


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    Virtual Stop Signs

    Virtual Stop Signs