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Interested in Foam Organizers for implementing a 5S program, or simply keeping your workshop organized? Save time by organizing the drawers in your toolbox... you'll never have to search for a tool again! Fill out the form below and we will send you a FREE FOAM SAMPLE. Also check out vinyl floor tape.

  • Test before you purchase Interested, but want to test the durability and ease-of use? Just fill in the form and we'll send you a free sample.
  • Organize your Toolbox Keep your workspace organized by having a place for each tool.
Cut Custom foam tool kits Foam tool outlines in your toolbox

"Our employees used to waste so much time searching for tools because they were never returned to the same place. Now that we have foam tool organizers in all of our toolboxes, everyone knows where to find the tool they need. The time savings this has provided our company is enormous. It's amazing that such a simple product/concept can be such a cost-saver!"

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