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SafetyTac Floor Tape

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  • This is a photo from Weatherford corp."The safetytac is working great.  Application was easy and is holding up great so far.  As soon as we get more areas prepped I will order some more."
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Product Description

SafetyTac Industrial Floor Marking Tape that lasts

SafetyTac floor tape is rated as the #1 industrial floor tape on the market. SafetyTac floor tape can outperform other tapes and paints even in the harshest industrial work environments.

SafetyTac is created using an extremely tough material and features a super sticky adhesive backing with the added convenience of duel-beveled edges.
This tape will maintain its functioning power through chemical and grease spills, truck and forklift traffic, and even pallet wear and tear. If you’ve been looking for an industrial floor tape you can trust, SafetyTac is the right choice. If you are looking for more information on     
how to apply floor marking tape please call 866-777-1360. More more information on aisle marking tape solutions click here

SafetyTac Industrial floor tape

Toughest floor tape on the market
• 10 solid colors; SafetyTac 4 Hazard options
• 4 Different Varieties: Original, LEAN, EDGE & Armor
• Easy peel-&-stick adhesive application

• Made in the USA, 100 feet per roll
Purchase 20+ rolls get 5 days rental of our Industrial Tape Applicator for FREE
Product Spotlight Video
We agree with our customers when they call this the best industrial floor marking tape ever, and for good reason: it was designed to outperform paint in even the harshest facilities and environments.

And to drive the point home, SafetyTac Tape floor tape industrial is our best selling industrial floor tape because our customers have been putting it through the toughest tests and trials on the planet, on a daily basis- including high volume traffic from forklifts dragging heavily loaded pallets across it's surface, as well as heavy trucks and tons of foot traffic. Needless to say, the specially designed dual-beveled edges and resilient surface take it all, no problem.

SafetyTac - Yellow Floor Tape - industrial floor markers

Safetytac is the number one selling industrial marking solution for warehouses and supply chains. SafetyTac Yellow 2" and 4" are the largest selling of all our tapes and supplies.

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SafetyTac Industrial floor tape:

  • 100' per roll
  • Available in 2" through 6" widths.
  • 10 Solid Colors, 4 Hazard-Striped options
  • Item Weight: 6-10 Pounds
  • Shipping Weight: 6-10 Pounds
  • Average Customer Review: ( 8 product reviews )


Industrial Safety Tape

Seriously Strong industrial floor markers.

The days of using paint to mark aisles, pathways, and safety lanes are over! Industrial floor tapes are now widely regarded by both large and small companies alike to be the most effective, longest-lasting method for marking their warehouses and manufacturing floors. SafetyTac is our #1 top selling floor tape, and for good reason: it's designed to outperform paint in even the harshest industrial environments. Our customers put SafetyTac through the toughest tests on a daily basis- forklifts, trucks, heavy foot traffic, chemicals, greases, pallets- you name it- SafetyTac takes it all without blinking an eye, thanks to it's tough material and adhesive, and dual-beveled edges. Application of SafetyTac to floor

Peel & Stick. It's That Easy.

Installing SafetyTac could not be easier- Simply peel back the liner and apply it to a clean dry surface. Once it's down, just run over the tape with a tamper cart or forklift, and you're done! No longer do you have to have to shut down areas while you wait for paint to dry, or use valuable employee man-hours fooling around with messy paints in the first place. With SafetyTac- a single employee can lay hundreds of feet of aisles/lines in a short matter of time, and for jobs larger than 20 rolls, we recommend our Industrial Tape Applicator to make the job even easier! Size options of SafetyTac

The Right Tape For the Job.

SafetyTac is available in 2", 3", 4" and 6" widths, in the following colors:

Solid: Yellow, White, Black, Red, Green, Orange, Blue, Gray, Purple, and Brown.
Hazard-Striped: Yellow/Black, Black/White, White/Red, and Green/White

SafetyTac Floor Alignment Markers

We also offer floor alignment markers made from the Safety Tac material in popular cuts- Corners, T's, X's, Footprints, Dots, Arrows, and more! These markings are perfect for pallet alignment, equipment storage and boundary marking.

We are offering our Industrial Floor Tape Applicator for rental for just $50 a day! Simply use the Applicator for your job, and send it back to us... perfect for one-time large jobs. For more information call 1-866-777-1360 for details

Product Videos

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