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Safety Training

Get your employees up to speed on a number of different subjects with our series of instructional training videos that range from first aid and fire extinguisher usage to surface mining basic trainng.  All are professionally-produced and affordable for repeated training use.

Browse our huge selection of training materials below, or feel free to ask about other titles we can provide for you! Call today at 866-777-1360

  • aerial work platform DVD
    Aerial Work Platforms $129.00

    Don't risk getting injured or damaging property while working overhead. This aerial work platform safety training DVD ofers several types of work environments and how to properly work in those situations without incident...

  • Alert Driving DVD
    Alert Driving DVD $129.00

    Being alert while driving can mean the difference between life and death; the difference is often just a few seconds. Learn how to observe, anticipate and react to potentially hazardous conditions around you with this Alert...

  • Asbestos Awareness DVD
    Asbestos Awareness DVD $129.00

    This course provides an overview of the history of asbestos use, exposure limits, detection, prevention, and regulation. Dispel some common myths about asbestos by educating your team about asbestos-containing materials...

  • Back Injury Prevention DVD
    Back Injury Prevention DVD $249.00

    Repeated lifting or moving heavy loads by hand may highten your risk of back injury. One million workers every year suffer from back injuries in the workplace, which accounts for 20% of all workplace injuries and costs...

  • Bloodborne Pathogen Training
    Bloodborne Pathogen Training $129.00

    This training video from Convergence tackles the safety issue of bloodborne pathogens and discusses different methods of transmission. This is an important issue in any line of work where a exposure to hazardous pathogens is...

  • Combustible Dusts DVD
    Combustible Dusts DVD $129.00

    Under the right conditions, many types of industrial dust, including coal, paper, and wood dust, can ignite and produce devastating damage. This course teaches the hazards of combustible dust via the Dust Fire and Explosion...

  • Compressed Air Fundamentals DVD
    Compressed Air Fundamentals DVD $129.00

    Use this course to get a better understanding of the benefits and uses of compressed air systems. This course discusses: the types of compressors, including reciprocating, rotary screw, and centrifugal; the relationship...

  • Compressed Gas Cylinder Safety DVD
    Compressed Gas Cylinder Safety DVD $129.00

    Prepare your team to safely work with and around compressed gas cylinders. This training module raises awareness about: common uses, types of compressed gas, potential hazards, and best practices for storage, transport, and...

  • Confined Space Awareness Training Video
    Confined Space Awareness $129.00

    29 Minutes (18 minute training, 11 minute test) Covers hazards, safe working and rescue procedures Helps your company remain OSHA compliant Convergence DVDs are some of the finest safety training videos on the market...

  • Conflict Management DVD
    Conflict Management DVD $129.00

    Disagreements are inevitible when working in groups. Most disagreements may be relatively minor, but some can turn into must larger conflicts. If conflicts are not resolved, they can lead to long-term tension and unhappiness...

  • Conveyor Safety DVD
    Conveyor Safety DVD $249.00

    Conveyors cause an average of 50 deaths in the U.S. each year. When used properly, conveyors reduce workloads, make production more efficient, and prevent injuries that result from carrying materials manually. This course...

  • Driving Hazard Recognition DVD
    Driving Hazard Recognition DVD $129.00

    Keep drivers safe by providing them with the ability to spot potential hazards and stay out of harm's way. This course teaches techniques for negotiating intersections, checking blind spots, and avoiding erratic drivers,...

  • Driving Preparation DVD
    Driving Preparation DVD $129.00

    Be prepared for any trip with this training course. It provides the basics of vehicle maintenance, inspection, suggestions for route planning, and suggestions for emergency supplies that can help prevent a minor...

  • EHS DVD Training Set
    EHS Training DVD Set $2,599.00

    This set of 28 Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) training DVDs from Convergence will help you training your employees on various safety subjects. Following OSHA, EPA, and other standards, each course will offer...

  • Electrical Safety General Awareness
    Electrical Safety General Awareness $129.00

      18 Minute Video (11 min. training and 7 min. test) Help your employees stay OSHA compliant Information that will help to prevent on-the-job electrical injuries or damage   Electrical energy has the potential to...

  • Emergency Action Plans DVD
    Emergency Action Plans DVD $129.00

    This DVD covers the importance of preparing action plans for unexpected emergencies, accidents, and evacuations in industrial workplaces. Using OSHA standards and industry-recognized best practices, this course is intended...

  • Ergonomics Training Video / DVD
    Ergonomics Training Video $129.00

      20 Minute video (12 minutes training and 8 minutes for test) Follows OSHA ergonomic compliance guidelines Explains causes of injuries and and offers solutions   Repetitive stresses on an employee's body...

  • Escape Respirators and SCSRs DVD
    Escape Respirators and SCSRs DVD $129.00

    This training is designed to prepare you and your team with working knowledge of escape respirators to keep smoke, fumes, or toxic gases from preventing access to safety in an emergency. This course describes the different...

  • Fall Prevention and Protection Training Video
    Fall Prevention and Protection Training Video $129.00

    Offers valuable information for preventing falls that could result in injuries or death Helps your company stay OSHA compliant 10 minute video (6 minutes training and 4 minute test) Summary Accidental falls in the...

  • Fire Extinguisher Safety Training DVD
    Fire Extinguisher Safety $129.00

    Gives information about types of fire and how to use extinguishers Helps your company stay compliant within OSHA Standards 14 Minute DVD (9 minutes of training and 5 minutes for test) Summary Fire extinguishers save...

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We're here to help. Call with Questions: 1866-777-1360.
We're here to help. Call with Questions: 1866-777-1360.