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Foam Organizers

Foam Organizers

Stop wasting time
looking for tools.

Custom Foam Tool Kits give every tool a visual
home and help protect both your tools and drawers
from damage.

How to cut tool foamToolbox foam

Foam Organizers are the absolute best invention for anyone who stashes their tools in drawers. Once you see how easy it is to create visual differentiation for tools and small things around the work area, you'll never look back.

The tool box foam kits can be fully-customizable to the items at your workstation by using two differently colored sheets of colored-cell foam to create it.We have a number of people using these to creat custom toolbox shadow foam liners this is very helpful when you value your tools and equipment so using our tool control foam save you time money and help in any FOD program.

Most orders received before 1:00 PM EST ship the same day! Fast Shipping
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