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Creative Safety Supply is the leader in visual safety. Our safety and 5S products - including our flagship floor tape SafetyTac and our LabelTac industrial labeling solutions - help companies create simple visual cues and systems that promote safety, compliance, and a lean mindset for employees and guests of any facility.


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What We Do

Brandon Nys

“Products that don't solve problems are useless. That's the reason why we work so hard to understand the problem before suggesting solutions, so that we can feel 100% confident that your problems are solved.”

Brandon Nys, General Manager

There are nearly 150,000,000 people working every day in America. In any work environment, there should be a large focus on keeping each and every employee safe, not only by the employees themselves, but by managers and executives. We at Creative Safety Supply are focused on helping you create safety and efficiency awareness through the visual workplace. Whether your company is struggling with compliance with OSHA, striving for certification through ANSI or ISO, or you are simply looking for ways to create effective visual messaging within your facility to enhance your workforce, we are here to help.

All too often, we find that people are buying product based on a twenty or thirty word description in a catalog or on a website somewhere, and later being unsatisfied because the product didn't address their problem. We're not just another catalog company with a bunch of safety supplies. We are truly focused on understanding your needs and helping to find the best solution possible. When we send you samples of our SafetyTac or LabelTac products, we feel confident that they will help you solve a problem in your facility. Our customer service staff is dedicated to asking as many questions as it takes to make sure we have a clear, complete mutual understanding of what you're trying to accomplish, and suggesting the right product to make that happen.


Phone: 1-866-777-1360


We're so much more than a web store.


Free Guides

Free Guides

We have over a dozen Safety Guides on various topics, available to you at no charge.
Live Chat

Live Chat

Have Questions? Our friendly customers service speciaists available to help at the click of a button!


We are producing podcasts from a variety of speakers, authors and authoritative voices in the safety arena.


Infographics have become an incredible medium to share information with the world, in digestible way. Check them out!


A discussion of current topics in in the world of safety, facility management and lean manufacturing.


In addition, we are leading the way in customer service, incredible warranties, and long-lasting industrial products.


Dan Clark - Creative Safety Supply
Dan Clark
I'm a safety blabber. I'm the first to shout “Where's your helmet?” to biking kids in my cul-de-sac. Creative Safety Supply asked me to blab for you in podcast form. I chase down interviews with some of the best experts on safety, Industrial Hygiene, and Risk Reduction and 5S. I'm motivated because over 4000 U.S. workers are killed on the job every year. I want to do my part to reduce this troubling statistic. I'm glad to share critical safety information at creativesafeypublishing.com and thesafetybrief.com
Katie Suckalich- Creative Safety Supply
Katie Sukalich
As a Content Writer, I create articles about safety in the workplace for Creative Safety Supply. I aim to provide educational and useful information about everything from OSHA requirements and hazard labeling to new protective gear and safety technology. I value health and safety, and I hope that by spreading relevant news, tips, and stories we can help prevent some of the many accidents that occur every day in facilities across the country.
Tony Ferraro - Creative Safety Supply
Tony Ferraro
On behalf of Creative Safety Supply based in Portland, OR, I strive to provide helpful information to create safer and more efficient industrial work environments. My knowledge base focuses primarily on practices such as 5S, Six Sigma, Kaizen, and the Lean mindset. I believe in being proactive and that for positive change to happen, we must be willing to be transparent and actively seek out areas in need of improvement. An organized, safe, and well-planned work space leads to increased productivity, quality products and happier employees.
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Phone: 1-866-777-1360
International: +1 503-828-9400
Fax: 330-777-8818
Email: info@creativesafetysupply.com

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Creative Safety Supply
7737 SW Cirrus Dr.
Beaverton, OR 97008

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6:00 am - 4:30 pm PST  |  Monday - Friday


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