SafetyTac® 2.0 Railroad Track Clearance Marker


SafetyTac® 2.0 Railroad Track Clearance Marker
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SafetyTac® 2.0 Railroad Track Clearance Marker with ARMOR Technology™

This high visibility track clearance marker is useful for visually communicating to switching crews exactly how far they can move a car before "fouling" on tracks that converge. This material is 4" wide and comes in either a single strip or in 50ft. rolls. The bright yellow material can be seen in a variety of lighting conditions and the strong rubber based adhesive keeps the product in place on a variety of substrates. SafetyTac®'s low profile allow for forklift and other industrial traffic to pass over the marker without getting caught. If swept clear during switch point cleaning in the winter, this highly visible material will still perform.  The Armor Technology allows the product to be very hard but not brittle and can take significant abuse without failing.

Additionally, the roll of SafetyTac® Railroad Track Clearance Marker with ARMOR Technology™ can also be used to clearly identify loading and unloading zones, rack/container storage locations, etc. SafetyTac® is a great choice in helping your railroad meet the requirements of FRA Rule 49 CFR 218.101(c) and other visual communication goals.

** SafetyTac®'s adhesive performance does require surface to be clean and as flat as possible, heavy grit asphalt and some concretes may require a modified installation such the use of a washer and nails or screws **

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