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Custom Thick Foam Tool Organizers (2ft.x2ft.)

  • 2x2 Thick foam tool organizers for 5S and lean
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Product Description

Thick Foam for Making Custom Tool Inset Organizers - 2'x2'


Create your own long-lasting custom drawer liners, case liners, or any other tool/device insets with our Thick Foam Tool Kits. These thick 2'x2' foam organizers are easy to cut to size as well as to cut tool outlines from, and will securely hold your items in place inside drawers, or storage containers.  Great for any lean or 5S-related efficiency program.

• Dimensions: 2' x 2'
• Available Colors: Black
• Available Thicknesses: 1", 2", 3"
• 1.7 lb per cubic ft cross-link closed cell foam
• Extremely durable, yet easy to cut
• Contamination resistant

utility knife for cutting foam

thick foam drawer organizer
(Pictured: 3" Custom Thick Foam Tool Kit)

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