5S events play an important role in implementing 5S into a facility. The event works to inform workers of the 5S method, and instructs them on what they need to do to integrate 5S into their routine.5S event audit tools are the instruments you need to set up your team for success.
5S audit tools are the keys to successfully establishing a 5S program in your business. 5S red tags, 5S tape, ShadowBoard tape, 5S audit scorecards, and training DVDs will make your job easier and make the process of starting 5S manageable and stress-free. Beginnings can be tough, but 5S event audit tools can help.

  • 5S TapeÌ´Ì_ÌÎå£Ì´å¢

    5S Tape Multipurpose Tape Strong vinyl material - Comparable to 3M 471 Colored Vinyl Tape Multipurpose - Useful for a variety of marking applications including marking floors, walls, doors, shelving, supplies, equipment, and more Rubber-based... More details

  • 5S Red Tags Made from durable card stock Features all needed red tag information Dimensions: 6.25" H x 3" W Sturdy wire tie pre-installed on each tag 100 per pack Use 5S Red Tags to mark items that may need to be removed from the workspace or... More details

  • New to 5S? The 5S Reference Book, the first volume in our Reference Series, can provide you or your employees the information needed to get started with 5S. It’s a handy resource to help you successfully implement and sustain a 5S program in your... More details

  • LabelTac Adhesive Red Tags

    Adhesive Red Tags 25 tags per order 3" x 5" Sticks directly on tagged equipment 5S adhesive red tags make attaching tags to items quick and easy. They're especially useful for objects that don't have a good tie-point for conventional tags... More details

    5S Adhesive Red Tags

  • Long life against heavy industrial and foot traffic No-hassle peel-&-stick installation Does your business employ 5S? This is the perfect floor sign to effectively show your employees and facility visitors that they are entering a designated 5S... More details

  • 50 red tags provided per board Easy to locate and store red tags Red tags include wire ties for convenience Can improve any 5S program Adhesive mounting Board Size: 11" x 14" Tag Size: 6 1/4" x 3" 2 magnets and dry erase marker included per board The... More details

    5S Red Tag Holders

  • 5S Pocket Book

    5S Pocket Book The 5S Pocket Guide provides educational information about the principles of the 5S system, which improves efficiency and promotes a safe working environment. Contents Planning a course of action Educating the work group Evaluating the... More details

  • 5S Steps Poster Never underestimate the power of 5S strategies. They can help an inefficient business achieve high levels of success. In order to help sustain the 5S mindset, many employers like to display 5S signage. Displaying this type of signage... More details

    5S Steps Poster

  • 5S Audit Checklist

    5S Audit Scorecard Download your free 5S Audit Scorecard   Our 5S Audit Scorecard is designed to help you assess your 5S efforts and identify areas for improvement. Its easy-to-read format breaks the process down into each of the five steps of... More details

  • 5S Red Tag Register Form

    5S Red Tag Register Form These forms are great for red tagging events, which are used during the first steps of a 5S program. Use this form to keep track of what everyone is doing and where things are going. We also have a number of other solutions... More details

  • 5S Training PowerPoint for Lean Workshops Download your free 5S PowerPoint Presentation   This 40-60 minute PowerPoint presentation introduces your audience to the principles of 5S. It's great for teaching groups in a workshop, as an... More details

  • 5S Red Tag Area Poster

    5S Red Tag Area Poster 5S is a tactic used in many businesses to enhance organization and increase productivity. Use a 5S Red Tag Poster to help create greater levels of organization. This poster identifies an area as a "Red Tag Area." Red tag areas... More details

  • An effective reminder for your workers to follow the 5S principles, which helps in the "sustain" portion of the program. 3 size options available Easy peel-and-stick application Strong adhesive for high durability Chemical, water, and smear... More details

  • 5S Steps Banner Remind your employees of the Steps of 5S with this large, bold banner. Made of tough indoor/outdoor Scrim material, this banner features the 5 Steps: Sort, Set In Order, Shine, Standardize, and Sustain. We can customize any of our... More details

  • Large 5s Area Sign

    Large 5S Area Sign The practice of 5S is becoming increasingly popular because it can make a facility more organized and efficient. Use a "Large 5S Area" sign to remind employees about areas where 5S is utilized. Customized signage is our specialty! We... More details

    Large 5s Area Sign

  • This package is the perfect way to reinforce 5S principles using visuals. Keep your employees focused on applying and maintaining 5S techniques. Notify your guests and potential customers or business partners that your facility strives for excellence by... More details

  • 5S Event Cart

    Our 5S Event Cart includes everything you need to kickstart your organization's 5S/6S program and hold successful 5S events and audits. Includes helpful printed guides and Audit Scorecards for keeping track of 5S progress; 5S Marking Tape for marking... More details

    5S Event Cart

  • 5S Into Action DVD: Front

    5S Into Action In Stock - Ships Today! This DVD is a great teaching tool for your 5S event or as a reminder to employees about your 5S system. The DVD explains each step of the 5S process and gives examples of real-world applications that help with... More details

  • 5S Guidelines in Your Back Pocket Practicing 5S can help keep your facility clean, organized, and efficient. To have a successful 5S program, everyone needs to participate. These pocket guides are perfect for handing out to employees to remind them of... More details

  • Industrial 5S Tags 5S tags help to create organization and standardization throughout the workplace. These tags can be used to identify items that need to be moved, organized, recycled, scrapped, or shredded. These tags are available in a variety of... More details

  • 25 sheets per cardboard-backed pad 11"x14" paper sheets Easy, trackable documentation of 5S activities This form is essential for all 5S activity. It provides the criteria for benchmarking and assessing your work area to provide an objective... More details

  • 5S Starter Kit from CSS

    5S Starter Kit This 5S Starter Kit includes everything you need to get your 5S program off to a great start. Includes 5S Tapes, 5S Red Tags, 5S Training DVDs & Powerpoint Presentation, Posters & more! Features 100 ea. Red Tags w/ Wire... More details

    5S Starter Kit

  • This 5S package includes a variety of carefully selected visual reminders to help sustain the principles and practices associated with 5S. These visual products not only remind employees about pertinent 5S practices, but they make other people such as... More details

  • 5S "Circle" Banner Make sure your employees remember the steps of 5S with one of these hard-to-miss banners. The 5S Circle Banner is one of our most popular pre-printed banners. It showcases the 5 steps of 5S: Sort, Set In Order, Shine, Standardize, and... More details

  • Xtreme 5S DVD

    Xtreme Lean 5S DVD Training Series The Xtreme Lean 5S DVD is an engaging and informative video series that communicates the key concepts of 5S. This video explains each phase of the 5S process. Each of the 5 stages covers how to implement or improve... More details

  • 5S Checklist Wall Label

    5S Checklist Wall Label The practice of 5S can be highly effective for improving a workplace's organization. However, it is critical to conduct the practices of 5S appropriately and thoroughly. Our “5S Checklist" wall label will remind employees... More details

  • 21 minutes in length 2 great case studies of 5S processes Made by the Society of Manufacturing Engineers, 2005 Is a sloppy, unorganized factory making you less competitive? For many companies, developing an environment of continuous improvement... More details

  • 5S Form Solution Pack All 5

    5S Form Solution Pack (All 5) These forms are designed to accomplish two main roles in a 5S workplace program: involve and document. Each pad consists of 25 - 11x14 sheets of paper with a different form on each pad.  Goes well with the 5S solutions... More details

  • 5S 30 Day Log

    5S 30 Day Log This form helps to record actionable details from 5S events and organizational efforts and offers possible solutions. Using this form assists in continuance of a sustainable 5S program. Designed for practical use and to accomplish two main... More details

  • 5S Steps Poster Pack (Black)

    5S Steps Poster Pack (Black) Each poster in this set of 5 measures 3 ft X 2 ft and features one of the 5 pillars of 5S. Learn them and you will find yourself and your company working more efficiently to raise your bottom line. Features Size: 36" x... More details

    5S Steps Poster Pack (Black)

  • 5S: 5 Challenges DVD - Making Lean's First Improvement Last! This DVD, produced by GBMP, deals with the “behind the scenes” supporting activities that are crucial to sustaining 5S as an ongoing and fully integrated company-wide process. 5S... More details

  • 5S Map Forms

    5S Map This 5S map form offers a unique perspective of the work zone to signal to others the work in progress for that area. This form helps a 5S program accomplish items in a practical manner, and to accomplish two main roles of a 5S program: involve... More details

    5S Map

  • Lean Principles Poster

    Lean Principles Poster Keep your eye on the prize.  The principles detailed on this poster will help you keep focus on the point of lean and the process you are undertaking.  Understanding the big picture will help everyone in your... More details

  • 5S Banner Place for Everything Just like the old saying goes “a place for everything and everything has its place,” our 5S-inspired banner is the perfect sign to use to remind employees to keep tools and equipment organized. This “5S... More details

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