Gym Whiteboards

Gyms need whiteboards too! Scrap the paper and switch to something more standardized with our gym-themed dry-erase whiteboards. Use these unique whiteboard designs to schedule clients with trainers, set daily goals, and even record gym records! Not only that but the information can be changed as often as needed with a swipe of an eraser. The possibilities of a whiteboard are endless! Shop our selection of gym whiteboards today.

Whiteboards are a great tool to encourage collaboration and teamwork. Our magnetic whiteboards also come with mounting hardware! Made from a high-quality painted steel surface, featuring an aluminum frame and a durable vinyl decal on top—you can find a whiteboard that is both lightweight and durable.

Don't see a design that fits your needs? Feel free to call us at 1-886-777-1360 or send an email to We’d be more than happy to help you create a customized gym whiteboard at no extra cost.

Custom Whiteboard

Let us help you create a custom whiteboard that meets your department’s exact needs.

Custom Whiteboard
Enjoy end of the year savings on select LabelTac models.
  • Strength and Conditioning Whiteboard

    Strength and Conditioning Whiteboard

  • Weightlifting Benchmarks Whiteboard

    Weightlifting Benchmarks Whiteboard

  • Crossfit Benchmarks - Current Records Whiteboard
  • PR Board Whiteboard

    PR Board Whiteboard

  • Warm up - WOD - Results Whiteboard

    Warm up - WOD - Results Whiteboard

  • Weekly Menu Whiteboard

    Weekly Menu Whiteboard

  • Workout of The Day Whiteboard

    Workout of The Day Whiteboard


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