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Tools and training for a successful lean operation

Many businesses are making the commitment to continuous improvement with the help of 5S. 5S is an effective business practice that strives to organize the workplace to increase productivity, efficiency, and safety.

It’s challenging to implement and run a successful 5S program without the needed 5S products, though. To get the products you need, browse our large selection of 5S and Lean-related supplies. From floor marking tape to custom safety signs, you’ll find items to help you on your 5S journey by making the workplace a more visual one.

5S Guide

5S Guide

Learn 5S so you can use its steps to organize and maintain your facility.

FREE 24-page guide covering the steps of 5S, visual strategies such as floor marking and tool organization, and the role of safety.
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5S Red Tags

5S Red Tags

Tags for marking and sorting.

Use red tags to mark items whose value in your workspace is questionable. These bright tags make it easy for everyone to see what will need further evaluation. Ideal for use during the Sort phase of 5S.
5S Posters

5S Posters

Visual reminders to reinforce 5S.

Post effective visuals throughout the workspace to highlight important Lean topics. With a poster, you can remind people about the steps of 5S, the Wastes of Lean, the significance of Kaizen, and more.
Label Printers

Label Printers

Industrial printing systems for 5S applications.

Select an industrial label printer so you can create organizational labels and signs on demand. Great for initial 5S implementation and throughout the life of your program.


Engaging training for your staff.

Select training DVDs that will keep your employees’ attention and make the basics of Lean easy to understand. Training DVDs cover 5S, Lean, and other important topics.
5S Floor Markings

5S Floor Markings

Visual cues to communicate instructions.

Find floor marking tape, floor marking shapes, and multipurpose tapes that can also be used on surfaces like shelves, tables, and doors. Many styles, colors, and sizes available for conveying important information.
Tool Organization

Tool Organization

Products to keep tools where they belong.

Choose from multiple styles and sizes of tool organization foam, tool outline vinyl, pegboards, and drawer liners. Use these products to keep tools organized and secure, so you don’t have to waste time looking for misplaced items.
5S Starter Kits

5S Starter kits

Product bundles for beginning a 5S program.

Get started on your 5S journey with a package of the tools you’ll need for your facility. Kits include 5S posters, tapes, red tags, training materials, floor signs, and more.

5S Supplies

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Get in touch. We’ll help you find the 5S supplies you need to accomplish your goals. We can create custom signs and labels or recommend the best products for your specific application. Give us a call at 1-866-777-1360.
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