If you're starting a Lean manufacturing or 5S program, you need training materials to educate everyone at your workplace. Our 5S and Lean DVDs will provide the foundational knowledge you need to start your program off on the right foot.

We highly recommend several new videos in the Revealed Series5S Revealed - 5S And The Visual Workplace and Lean Revealed - Lean Manufacturing in Today's Workplace. Each video makes its subject matter easy to understand and will keep viewers engaged. We've received great feedback from our customers about these DVDs.

Other popular videos include 5S into Action and the 5S Garage DVD. Have questions about the content of the videos? Give us a call at 866-777-1360.

Once you and your workforce have a good understanding of 5S and Lean, get the tools you need to start implementing these methods in your facility. Browse floor marking tape, signs, and tool organization supplies.

  • 5S Garage Video Front

    5S Garage DVD - An Introduction to 5S and Lean Principles The 5S Garage DVD is an informative and entertaining 20-minute guided tour of the entire 5S process. This video provides the perspective necessary for employees to understand and engage in the 5S... More details

  • 5S Training PowerPoint for Lean Workshops Download your free 5S PowerPoint Presentation   This 40-60 minute PowerPoint presentation introduces your audience to the principles of 5S. It's great for teaching groups in a workshop, as an... More details

  • 5S Into Action DVD: Front

    5S Into Action In Stock - Ships Today! This DVD is a great teaching tool for your 5S event or as a reminder to employees about your 5S system. The DVD explains each step of the 5S process and gives examples of real-world applications that help with... More details

  • Lean Manufacturing Training PowerPoint Download your free Lean Manufacturing PowerPoint Presentation   Unlike many production and manufacturing management systems that come and go, Lean is here to stay. This 40-60 minute PPT presentation... More details

  • Toast Kaizen DVD

    Toast Kaizen: An Introduction to Continuous Improvement & Lean Principles This DVD is our best-selling training tool for Lean Manufacturing practices.  It is a great introduction to continuous improvement. This training tool uses the process of... More details

  • Xtreme 5S DVD

    Xtreme Lean 5S DVD Training Series The Xtreme Lean 5S DVD is an engaging and informative video series that communicates the key concepts of 5S. This video explains each phase of the 5S process. Each of the 5 stages covers how to implement or improve... More details

  • 21 minutes in length 2 great case studies of 5S processes Made by the Society of Manufacturing Engineers, 2005 Is a sloppy, unorganized factory making you less competitive? For many companies, developing an environment of continuous improvement... More details

  • 5S: 5 Challenges DVD - Making Lean's First Improvement Last! This DVD, produced by GBMP, deals with the “behind the scenes” supporting activities that are crucial to sustaining 5S as an ongoing and fully integrated company-wide process. 5S... More details

  • The Errand Run: Introduction to Lean and Value Stream Map

    The Errand Run: Introduction to Lean and the Value Stream This instructional training video gives the audience an introduction to the main concepts of applying Lean principles and understanding Value Stream Mapping (VSM) in order to increase efficiency... More details

  • Sobre el taller 5S - Spanish 5S Garage DVD En un entorno que debe ser familiar para todos, el típico taller de casa, Paul Schmid, Facilitador de Eficiencia y creador del taller 5S, le presenta a la audiencia cada paso del proceso de 5S, desde... More details

  • Lean isn't just for the shop floor anymore.While Lean is most often thought of as a tool for improving manufacturing production, manufacturers who employ kaizen in their offices routinely improve their productivity two- or threefold. Whether you work in... More details

  • See how the four modules of Training Within Industry (TWI): Job Relations (JR), Job Instruction (JI), Job Methods (JM) and Job Safety (JS) work together to sustain lean manufacturing. Together, they generate cooperation and positive employee relations,... More details

  • Quick & Easy Kaizen Video DVD

    Quick and Easy Kaizen Presentation DVD This DVD focuses on Norma Bodek's presentation at the AME conference on the role of each employee as a change agent in a company that implements Lean.  Bodek offers the idea of a "quick and easy" kaizen program... More details

  • 5S for Healthcare

    5S for Healthcare DVD Filmed with the participation of several heathcare facilities, this DVD video covers many of the aspects of 5S, as it pertains to healthcare environments. The DVD focuses on how visual cues can be implemented to improve safety and... More details

  • Visual Controls DVD 'Visual Controls' explains how visual controls are developed and used in a factory environment to help identify production problems and improve productivity. Case studies at four leading companies show how visual controls are used to... More details

  • Lean Product Design DVD Firms that can develop better products faster consistently see increased profits and growing market share. To achieve this goal, Toyota and other global leaders have adopted the same Lean improvement philosophy in new product... More details

  • Utilize your resources to the fullest Increase quality, efficiency, morale, and customer service Encourage employees to participate in improvement implementation The system discussed in this book recognizes the creative potential of each employee and... More details

  • Human Side of Lean Manufacturing Video

    Human Side of Lean Manufacturing Video In this hands-on DVD that offers a great intro to lean manufacturing, workers give you a sampling of what it takes to design and build a workcell.  The video is great for conveying true stories in the technical... More details

  • Lean Accounting DVD

    Lean Accounting DVD: Aligning Accounting with Lean Business Practices This training video stars Norman Bodek of Productivity Press and demonstrates how accounting personnel can makes changes and improvements in an organization. After explaining the... More details

  • This program explores the motivations and practical implementation of automation in manufacturing, and how it might be more effective when used with Lean principles. While there is a school of thought that believes Lean equals simplification of manual... More details

  • Shigeo Shingo DVD: Unscripted Video of Dr. Shingo Consulting V.1

    Shigeo Shingo DVD This video features one of the most influential minds of Lean manufacturing, Shigeo Shingo, as he analyzes an AT&T plant. This is the only video documentation of Shingo on the floor actually talking about quality and defects in... More details

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