Lean Manufacturing Products

Lean manufacturing is a Japanese systematic manufacturing method that aims to eliminate waste without sacrificing productivity. A wide variety of facilities can benefit from implementing Lean ideologies, and Lean manufacturing products are a great way to accomplish this for your workplace.

Below, you’ll find a variety of Lean products, including floor tape, 5S tags, posters and signs, and starter kits. 5S banners and posters remind workers of the 5S principles, the goals they’re aiming for, and to keep work areas clean.

These Lean manufacturing products are an excellent addition to any workplace that is incorporating a Lean system. If you’d like to implement this method, get started with our Lean products listed below.

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  • 5S TapeÌ´Ì_ÌÎå£Ì´å¢

    5S Tape Multipurpose Tape Strong vinyl material - Comparable to 3M 471 Colored Vinyl Tape Multipurpose - Useful for a variety of marking applications including marking floors, walls, doors, shelving, supplies, equipment, and more Rubber-based... More details

  • St201

    SafetyTac® Floor Marking Tape SafetyTac® Floor Tape is our best-selling floor marking tape and for good reason. SafetyTac® floor marking tape is designed to withstand the tough conditions of an industrial workplace. SafetyTac®'s... More details

  • sl201

    SafetyTac® Lean Floor Marking Tape SafetyTac® LEAN floor marking tape is made with the same durable material as standard SafetyTac®, but it has an ultra-low profile that's 40% thinner than most other industrial floor marking tapes. This... More details

  • 5S Red Tags

    5S Red Tags Made from durable card stock Features all needed red tag information Dimensions: 6.25" H x 3" W Sturdy wire tie pre-installed on each tag 100 per pack Use 5S Red Tags to mark items that may need to be removed from the workspace or... More details

  • Standard Photo of corner markers

    5S Corners Durable, low profile PVC material Peel & stick application Forklift, traffic, chemical, UV, water, wear resistant Rounded or straight edges Great for 5S projects, Lean projects, and organization Size: 6" x 6" x 2" 25 corners per... More details

  • SafetyTac hazard yellow and black

    SafetyTac® Lean Hazard Floor Marking Tape SafetyTac® LEAN Hazard combines the eye-catching pattern of hazard tape with the ultra-low profile of SafetyTac® LEAN. SafetyTac® LEAN Hazard is available in 3 striped color combinations that... More details

  • LabelTac Adhesive Red Tags

    Adhesive Red Tags 25 tags per order 3" x 5" Sticks directly on tagged equipment 5S adhesive red tags make attaching tags to items quick and easy. They're especially useful for objects that don't have a good tie-point for conventional tags... More details

    5S Adhesive Red Tags

  • Clean Room Supplies : Class 100 Floor Tape

    Clean Room Floor Tape Non-particulating materials on a plastic core Suitable for use in Class 100 clean rooms Wrapped in unsealed plastic bag Marking floors with floor tape helps increase safety by clearly defining aisles for walking or locations... More details

  • 5S Area Sign (Black)

    Long life against heavy industrial and foot traffic No-hassle peel-&-stick installation Does your business employ 5S? This is the perfect floor sign to effectively show your employees and facility visitors that they are entering a designated 5S... More details

  • 5S Footprints

    • 25 per pack• 9" long x 3.5" wide• Great for 5S and Lean• Easy to use peel-and-stick application, with a strong adhesive• Industrial vinyl material for increased durability 5S Footprints are perfect for use with our Industrial... More details

  • 5S Sustain Wall Poster

    5S "Sustain" Poster - 22" x 28" This high resolution poster is designed to remind all employees of the steps to sustaining a 5S environment: Sort, Set In Order, Shine, Standardize, and Sustain. Making use of bright, bold colors, this poster is easy to... More details

    5S Sustain Poster

  • 5S T Markers

    25 per pack Great for 5S and Lean Easy to use peel-and-stick installation with a strong adhesive Industrial vinyl material for increased durability 6" length x 2" width The 5S T Markers work hand-in-hand with 5S Corners for marking locations of... More details

  • 5S Sustain Vinyl Floor Sign - Color

    5S Sustain - Industrial Floor Sign  Our 5S Sustain industrial floor sign is a great communication tool to use in your 5S progam. In order to keep 5S practices up to par, it is important to have visual reminders about the steps of 5S in visible... More details

  • 5S Pocket Book

    5S Pocket Book The 5S Pocket Guide provides educational information about the principles of the 5S system, which improves efficiency and promotes a safe working environment. Contents Planning a course of action Educating the work group Evaluating the... More details

  • Andon Light Tower Kit Red

    Andon 120 volt LED Light Tower Kit This kit is designed to assist in the grouping of component parts to build a complete 5 Section Red/Amber/Green/Blue/White Andon Tower light switch station. In so doing, one could rest assured that the components will... More details

  • 5S Dots

    50 per pack 3.5" diameter Great for 5S and Lean Easy to use peel-and-stick, with a high-strength adhesive Industrial vinyl material for increased durability Scratch and smear resistance for durability against heavy industrial... More details

    5S Dots

  • 8 Wastes Of Lean

    8 Wastes of Lean Poster - 22" x 28" Lean programs and initiatives in the workplace aim to create a more efficient, less wasteful workflow, the benefits of which include higher profits, less waste, less overstock inventory, and fewer accidents. The 8... More details

  • The 5S's of Lean Poster - Dark

    Size: 22" x28" Five S's of Lean Poster (Dark) Sort, Set In Order, Shine, Standardize, Sustain If you're looking for a creative and eye-catching way to spread your vision of a Lean workplace, then look no further. Your commitment to Lean is now visible... More details

  • 5S in the workplace poster dark by Creative Safety Supply

    Size: 22" x 28" 5S in the Workplace Poster Sort, Set In Order, Shine, Standardize, Sustain This newly designed, full-color poster is the key to a Lean workplace. The bold colors will draw attention, reminding people of your commitment to Lean... More details

  • 5S Steps Poster

    5S Steps Poster Never underestimate the power of 5S strategies. They can help an inefficient business achieve high levels of success. In order to help sustain the 5S mindset, many employers like to display 5S signage. Displaying this type of signage... More details

    5S Steps Poster

  • 5S Garage Video Front

    5S Garage DVD - An Introduction to 5S and Lean Principles The 5S Garage DVD is an informative and entertaining 20-minute guided tour of the entire 5S process. This video provides the perspective necessary for employees to understand and engage in the 5S... More details

  • 5S Audit Checklist

    5S Audit Scorecard Download your free 5S Audit Scorecard   Our 5S Audit Scorecard is designed to help you assess your 5S efforts and identify areas for improvement. Its easy-to-read format breaks the process down into each of the five steps of... More details

  • Thermal Printer Cleaning Card

    Thermal Printer Cleaning Cards Utilizes a soft fabric embedded into a plastic core to create a presaturated disposable product.  The cleaning card will safely and effectively remove dirt, ink, and other contaminants from thermal print heads, paper... More details

  • This is a 5S Area - Wall Sign

    This is a 5S Area - Wall Sign A wall sign that reads “This is a 5S Area” reminds staff to create a clean workspace after every job in order to practice 5S properly. Cleaning your work area after every project will provide a clean workspace... More details

  • Floor Sign - Keep Area Clean

    Floor Sign - Keep Area CleanFloor signs are great at conveying important information. In fact, most industrial work environments consider floor signs a crucial tool for safety. This floor sign can be utilized in any area that requires cleanliness. For... More details

  • Andon LED Stack Lights

    Product Details LED Light(s) only Stack-lights, tower lights and signal beacons are an economical and effective tool for any facility. Commonly used for material, line stoppage indication, quality, supervisor, line leader or team leader requests, plc... More details

  • Remember 5S Label

    An effective reminder for your workers to follow the 5S principles, which helps in the "sustain" portion of the program. 3 size options available Easy peel-and-stick application Strong adhesive for high durability Chemical, water, and smear... More details

  • 5S Steps Banner

    5S Steps Banner Remind your employees of the Steps of 5S with this large, bold banner. Made of tough indoor/outdoor Scrim material, this banner features the 5 Steps: Sort, Set In Order, Shine, Standardize, and Sustain. We can customize any of our... More details

  • 5S Floor Tape Starter Kit

    5S Floor Tape Starter Kit This kit contains 12 rolls of our 5S Vinyl Tape - 1296 ft. total - and is perfect for companies looking for an entry into 5S floor marking, or for those who have a 5S event.      The 5S marking kit is a... More details

  • Staging - Floor Sign

    Staging - Floor Sign   Visually communicating the process of production allows those who are not part of the production team a way of understanding how the process works and at what point certain steps are implemented. This also helps new hires... More details

  • 5s Cycle - Floor Sign

    Printed on industrial-grade vinyl Low-profile material that can withstand pedestrian and forklift traffic No hassle - Peel-&-stick installation More durable than paint If your organization or facility has adopted 5S as a way to increase... More details

  • The 5S's of Lean Poster - Light

    Size: 22" x28" Five S's of Lean Poster (Light) Sort, Set In Order, Shine, Standardize, Sustain If you're looking for a creative and eye-catching way to spread your vision of a Lean workplace, then look no further. This completely new design uses bold... More details

  • 5S in the Workplace Poster - Light

    Size: 22" x28" 5S in the Workplace Poster (Light) Sort, Set In Order, Shine, Standardize, Sustain This newly designed, full-color poster is a helpful tool for creating a 5S workplace. The 'lean' design will draw the attention of people nearby, reminding... More details

  • 5S Steps Awareness Package

    This package is the perfect way to reinforce 5S principles using visuals. Keep your employees focused on applying and maintaining 5S techniques. Notify your guests and potential customers or business partners that your facility strives for excellence by... More details

  • Preassembled LED Light Stack - Red

    Andon Preassembled 120 volt LED Light Towers These light stacks arrive ready to install at your facility. No waiting around for assembly or parts. 1-5 light stacks available from the options menu. Each light is controlled by an independent 3-way switch... More details

  • Clean Rags Floor Sign

    Our industrial strength Clean Rags sign was made to mark where clean rag bins belong in your shop or facility. When rags do not have a designated location, they often end up all over the place. Stop the madness and confusion and create a more organized... More details

  • Spill Kit Location -  Floor Sign

    Spill Kit Location -  Floor Sign   The risk of a hazardous spill in the workplace is always a possibility, and leaving a spill can lead to numerous disasters. From the possible injury of slipping and falling, to inhaling dangerous chemicals,... More details

  • The 8 Wastes of Lean Poster (White)

    Lean businesses constantly try to identify and eliminate the 8 types of wastes. Doing so can increase efficiency, reduce lead times, improve morale, and more. Remind people what types of waste they should be looking out for with this poster. Optional... More details

  • 5S Event Cart

    Our 5S Event Cart includes everything you need to kickstart your organization's 5S/6S program and hold successful 5S events and audits. Includes helpful printed guides and Audit Scorecards for keeping track of 5S progress; 5S Marking Tape for marking... More details

    5S Event Cart

  • 5S Starter Kit from CSS

    5S Starter Kit This 5S Starter Kit includes everything you need to get your 5S program off to a great start. Includes 5S Tapes, 5S Red Tags, 5S Training DVDs & Powerpoint Presentation, Posters & more! Features 100 ea. Red Tags w/ Wire... More details

    5S Starter Kit

  • 6S Cycle ‚Äì Floor Sign

    6S Cycle – Floor Sign The 6S Cycle Floor Sign helps remind employees of the Six Sigma Methodology, in order to increase efficiency and productivity within the workplace. Just like 5S, the 6S System asks workers to clean around work stations, while... More details

  • 5S Sustain Awareness Package

    This 5S package includes a variety of carefully selected visual reminders to help sustain the principles and practices associated with 5S. These visual products not only remind employees about pertinent 5S practices, but they make other people such as... More details

  • Ladder Parking - Floor Sign

    Ladder Parking - Floor Sign   Perfect for industrial warehouses and large scale retail businesses, this “Ladder Parking” sign is a great way to address to staff where the facilities ladder should be returned after use. Large warehouse... More details

  • No Storage -  Floor Sign

    No Storage -  Floor Sign   This “No Storage” sign is a great way to let staff know which sections of the facility that you would like to remain clear of random objects and tools. This could be a closet or an empty room that may... More details

  • Xtreme 5S DVD

    Xtreme Lean 5S DVD Training Series The Xtreme Lean 5S DVD is an engaging and informative video series that communicates the key concepts of 5S. This video explains each phase of the 5S process. Each of the 5 stages covers how to implement or improve... More details

  • 5S Circle Banner

    5S "Circle" Banner Make sure your employees remember the steps of 5S with one of these hard-to-miss banners. The 5S Circle Banner is one of our most popular pre-printed banners. It showcases the 5 steps of 5S: Sort, Set In Order, Shine, Standardize, and... More details

  • 5S Factory Makeover

    21 minutes in length 2 great case studies of 5S processes Made by the Society of Manufacturing Engineers, 2005 Is a sloppy, unorganized factory making you less competitive? For many companies, developing an environment of continuous improvement... More details

  • Notice Spill Kit Clean Up Sign

    Notice Spill Kit Clean Up Sign Spills happen, and when they do, make sure your business is adequately prepared with an easy-to-locate spill kit. Spills can go from bad to worse quickly and can be hazardous to other employees depending on the type and... More details

  • 5S Red Tag holding Area - Floor Sign

    5S Red Tag holding Area - Floor Sign   Tagging and sorting using 5S Red Tags is the best way to filter through unwanted and unnecessary items in the workplace. Keeping unnecessary items out of production is the best way to cut down on wasted space... More details

  • 5S Steps Poster Pack (Black)

    5S Steps Poster Pack (Black) Each poster in this set of 5 measures 3 ft X 2 ft and features one of the 5 pillars of 5S. Learn them and you will find yourself and your company working more efficiently to raise your bottom line. Features Size: 36" x... More details

    5S Steps Poster Pack (Black)

  • Notice - Keep Clean Label

    Remind employees to keep their work areas organized for optimal efficiency, especially if multiple shifts use the same workstation. Great addition to 5S programs for sustaining order. 3 size options available Easy peel-and-stick application Strong... More details

  • 5S: 5 Challenges DVD

    5S: 5 Challenges DVD - Making Lean's First Improvement Last! This DVD, produced by GBMP, deals with the “behind the scenes” supporting activities that are crucial to sustaining 5S as an ongoing and fully integrated company-wide process. 5S... More details

  • 5S Champions Scorecard poster

    Encourage 5S participation through competition with this colorful 5S Scoreboard. Using a LabelTac® printer and colored labels, you can recognize employees who excel in the five areas of 5S (Sort, Set in Order, Shine, Standardize and Sustain). This... More details

  • LabelTac® Pro X 5S Bundle

    LabelTac® Pro X 5S Bundle This LabelTac® Pro X 5S Bundle includes everything you’ll need to start printing labels for your 5S program right away: a LabelTac® Pro X industrial label printer, label creation software, label supply in a... More details

    LabelTac® Pro X 5S Bundle

  • Gemba Poster - Improve

    Size: 22” x 28”“Gemba Improve” PosterOur “Gemba Improve" poster reminds others that improvement takes time and is not just an overnight occurrence. Then once the appropriate steps have been taken, improvement will follow... More details

  • 5S Color Code Wall Chart

    5S Color Code Wall Chart A great tool for implementing the 5S method in your facility. The 5S Color Codes Wall Chart allows the ability to visually communicate the system of colors used by your facility. Staff and visitors will get the opportunity to... More details

  • Spill Clean Up Kit - Floor Sign

    Spill Clean Up Kit - Floor Sign   Keeping a spill kit on hand is incredibly important. Workplace spills can cause accidents, injuries, and depending on the spill, toxic. Making employees aware of where they can find the kit in case of a spill, or... More details

  • The Errand Run: Introduction to Lean and Value Stream Map

    The Errand Run: Introduction to Lean and the Value Stream This instructional training video gives the audience an introduction to the main concepts of applying Lean principles and understanding Value Stream Mapping (VSM) in order to increase efficiency... More details

  • Lean for the Office

    Lean isn't just for the shop floor anymore.While Lean is most often thought of as a tool for improving manufacturing production, manufacturers who employ kaizen in their offices routinely improve their productivity two- or threefold. Whether you work in... More details

  • Lean Logistics Floor Sign

    Lean Logistics Floor Sign Rated for 7+ year indoor/outdoor life Resists damage from forklifts and other traffic Peel-and-stick application High resolution print Water, chemical, UV, and wear-resistant Customizable/Design your own - Call... More details

  • 5S Steps Poster Pack (Gray)

    5S Steps Poster Pack (Gray) Each poster in this set of 5 measures 3' x 2' and features one of the 5 pillars of 5S. Learn these pillars and your company will soon be working more efficiently to raise the bottom line. Features Size: 36" x 24" 5... More details

    5S Steps Poster Pack (Gray)

  • Gemba Poster - Engage

    Size: 22” x 28”“Gemba Engage,” Safety PosterGemba is not all about taking control and telling others what to do, instead it is about conversations and asking “why?”  Help your business make gemba a reality by... More details

  • Gemba Observe, Poster

    Size: 22” x 28”“Gemba Observe” PosterOur “Gemba Observe" poster reminds employees of the importance of always observing their surroundings. Many times people act first, without truly understanding and observing their... More details

  • Clean Rags (Real) Floor Sign

    Printed on industrial-grade vinyl Low-profile material that can withstand pedestrian and forklift traffic No hassle - Peel-&-stick installation More durable than paint This is a floor sign that says, “Clean Rags” on it. The sign... More details

  • Visual Controls DVD

    Visual Controls DVD 'Visual Controls' explains how visual controls are developed and used in a factory environment to help identify production problems and improve productivity. Case studies at four leading companies show how visual controls are used to... More details

  • 5S for Healthcare

    5S for Healthcare DVD Filmed with the participation of several heathcare facilities, this DVD video covers many of the aspects of 5S, as it pertains to healthcare environments. The DVD focuses on how visual cues can be implemented to improve safety and... More details

  • Notice - Clean Room - Wall Sign

    NOTICE- Clean Room - Wall Sign This sign alerts employees and visitors to the unique protective clothing required in a clean room. Post this reminder to help keep contaminates out of your clean room. Have you been searching for a customized sign? We... More details

  • Lean Auto Body Implementation Guide

    Lean Auto Body - The Lean Implementation Guide to the Auto Collision Repair Industry This comprehensive guide to implementing Lean in the auto collision repair industry provides industry-specific information for those interested in using Lean... More details

  • Lean Product Design DVD

    Lean Product Design DVD Firms that can develop better products faster consistently see increased profits and growing market share. To achieve this goal, Toyota and other global leaders have adopted the same Lean improvement philosophy in new product... More details

  • Lean Hospitals

    Lean Hospitals: Improving Quality, Patient Safety, and Employee Satisfaction This award winning book by author (and Lean Black Belt) Mark Graban covers using Lean to improve safety, quality, and efficiency in a healthcare setting. Drawing on his years of... More details

  • 5S for Healthcare Workshop Kit

    5S for Healthcare Workshop Kit This kit contains everything you need to conduct a 5S workshop “in a kit” to improve healthcare safety while reducing training time, search time, wasted time, and resources. This kit is the culmination of a... More details

  • Broken Glass -  Floor Sign

    Broken Glass -  Floor Sign   With this “Broken Glass” floor sign, you can let staff and everyone in the area know which location or bin broken glass should be disposed in. This sign is perfect for waste collections and disposal... More details

  • Luxor Stainless Steel Cart 3 Shelves

    This all stainless steel three shelf cart has a clearance of 12” between shelves. Ideal for light weight industrial, healthcare, food service, or restaurant applications. Complete with 4” casters, two with locking brake. Shelves measure 26"W... More details

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