Lean Manufacturing Products

Lean Manufacturing Products

Start eliminating waste
in your facility.

Lean manufacturing is a Japanese systematic manufacturing method that aims to eliminate waste without sacrificing productivity. A wide variety of facilities can benefit from implementing Lean ideologies, and Lean manufacturing products are a great way to accomplish this for your workplace.

Below, you’ll find a variety of Lean products, including floor tape, 5S tags, posters and signs, and starter kits. 5S banners and posters remind workers of the 5S principles, the goals they’re aiming for, and to keep work areas clean.

These Lean manufacturing products are an excellent addition to any workplace that is incorporating a Lean system. If you’d like to implement this method, get started with our Lean products listed below.

Free Lean Manufacturing E-Book

Free Lean Manufacturing E-Book

Learn the ropes of Lean manufacturing. Let this guide help.

  • SafetyTac Floor Tape

    SafetyTac® Floor Tape

  • 5S Tape

    5S Tape™ Multipurpose Tape

  • SafetyTac LEAN Tape

    SafetyTac® LEAN Tape

  • 5S Red Tags

    5S Red Tags

  • Standard Photo of corner markers

    5S Corners

  • Tool Outline Vinyl / Shadow Board Tape

    Tool Outline Vinyl / Shadow Board Tape

  • SafetyTac LEAN Hazard

    SafetyTac® LEAN Hazard

  • Thick Foam Tool Organizers (2ft.x2ft.)

    Thick Foam Tool Organizers (2ft.x2ft.)

  • LabelTac Adhesive Red Tags

    5S Adhesive Red Tags

    MSRP: $16.00
    Was: $16.00
    Sale: $14.99
    (Save $1.01)
  • Clean Room Supplies : Class 100 Floor Tape

    Clean Room Floor Tape

  • 5S Area Sign (Black)

    5S Area Sign (Black)

  • 5S Footprints

    5S Footprints

  • SafetyTac Floor and Tape Cleaner

    SafetyTac® Floor and Tape Cleaner

  • 5S Sustain Vinyl Floor Sign - Color

    5S Sustain

  • 5S Sustain Wall Poster

    5S Sustain Poster

  • 6S Cycle Floor Sign

    6S Cycle Floor Sign

  • 5S T Markers

    5S T Markers

  • Andon Light Tower Kit Red

    Andon LED Light Tower Kit

  • 5S Pocket Book

    5S Pocket Book

  • 5S Dots

    5S Dots

  • This is a 5S Area - Wall Sign

    This is a 5S Area - Wall Sign

  • Blank Grid Dry-Erase Whiteboard

    Blank Grid Dry-Erase Whiteboard

  • 8 Wastes Of Lean

    8 Wastes of Lean Poster

  • 5S in the workplace poster dark by Creative Safety Supply

    5S in the Workplace Poster (Dark)

  • 5S Steps Poster

    5S Steps Poster

  • No Storage - Floor Sign

    No Storage - Floor Sign

  • The 5S's of Lean Poster - Dark

    Five S's of Lean Poster (Dark)

  • Yellow Kanban Tags

    Yellow Kanban Tags

  • Project Planning Dry-Erase Whiteboard

    Project Planning Dry-Erase Whiteboard

  • 5S Garage

    5S Garage

  • Thermal Printer Cleaning Card

    Thermal Printer Cleaning Card

  • Spill Kit Location - Floor Sign

    Spill Kit Location - Floor Sign

  • 5S Audit Checklist

    5S Audit Scorecard - Digital Download

  • 6S Lean Workplace Banner

    6S Lean Workplace Banner

  • Floor Sign - Keep Area Clean

    Floor Sign - Keep Area Clean

  • Yellow Kanban - Tag Holder

    Yellow Kanban - Tag Holder

  • 5s Cycle - Floor Sign

    5S Cycle Floor Sign

  • Staging - Floor Sign

    Staging - Floor Sign

  • 5S Powerpoint Training - Digital Download

    5S Powerpoint Training - Digital Download


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