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Lean and 5S Supplies

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Free 5S Starter Download Pack Get our popular 5S Guide e-book, 5S Training Slideshow, 5S Audit Scorecard, and 5S Poster.

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All 5S Products

All 5S Products

The tools for facilitating 5S programs.  

Find the signs, floor markings, organizational products, forms, and labeling kits you need for a successful 5S project or program. With the right tools, you can more easily Sort, Set in Order, Shine, Standardize, and Sustain.

5S Bundles

5S Bundles

Everything you need to implement 5S programs.  

Implement 5S into your facility without any bumps or headaches. Let us help. These bundles are filled with Lean products that were carefully selected by our experts to set you up for 5S success.

5S/Lean Training

5S/Lean Training

Get your team up to speed on Lean.  

Select training DVDs that will keep your employees' attention and make the basics of Lean easy to understand. Training DVDs cover 5S, Lean, and other important topics.

5S For Your Tools

5S For Your Tools

Products built to enhance the Set in Order step of 5S.  

Set In Order calls for focused, intuitive organization in the workplace, and these organizational tools help get your workstations in order quickly. These 5S products will make sure you never waste time searching for a tool again.

5S Label Printers

5S Label Printers

Build your visual communication system.  

LabelTac® industrial printers can get you started printing labels for your 5S program right away. With the free powerful, intuitive labeling software LabelSuite™, you'll be able create labels for visual communication quickly and easily. Transform your workspace with 5S and LabelTac®.

5S/Lean Posters

5S/Lean Posters

Visual reminders to reinforce 5S.  

Post effective visuals throughout the workspace to highlight important Lean topics. With a poster, you can remind people about the steps of 5S, the Wastes of Lean, the significance of Kaizen, and more.

5S Red Tags

5S Red Tags

Durable, sturdy tags for the Sort step of 5S.  

Red tags are a crucial tool in the 5S process. In the Sort step, you're tasked with clearing out unnecessary items from workspaces. Red tags help with making the tough decisions about what stays and what goes.

5S Signs

5S Signs

Communicate 5S effectively messages with these signs.  

5S signs and visual communication helps inform workers how to operate in certain areas, and helps reminds them of the rules, procedures, and practices they should be using to guide their work. Posting wall signs is an important part of the Sustain stage of 5S.

5S Floor Signs

5S Floor Signs

Display 5S messages that are built to last.  

5S floor signs are great communication tools to use in 5S programs. To keep 5S practices up to par, it's important to have visual reminders about the steps of 5S. These signs are built with tough, industrial-grade vinyl, and their low-profile material can withstand heavy traffic.

5S Markings

5S Markings

Build your 5S system of visual communication with these markings.  

These markings will help you successfully implement a 5S program. 5S markings for floor, walls, machinery, and storage areas will help you create a system of visual communication that improve organization, efficiency, and productivity. Get Lean. Let these markings help.

Lean Manufacturing

Lean Manufacturing

Tools to improve productivity and efficiency using Lean principles.  

Lean manufacturing has transformed the way the world produces goods and performs services. The products listed here are meant to help you establish Lean concepts like 5S, Kaizen, Kanban, and more into your facility. Lean will help you make your business efficient, productive, and safe.

5S Audit Tools

5S Audit Tools

Products to help monitor and chart your team’s progress in 5S.  

To maintain your 5S programs, you'll need to spot check work areas to ensure they continue to strive for Lean. This is the 5th S: sustain. These products make it easy to monitor progress and remind workers to follow 5S standards.

Lean and 5S Supplies

When you want your facility to run more efficiently, Lean manufacturing principles can help. The goal of Lean is to minimize waste in work processes and increase value for customers. When a business implements Lean practices, the result is often a more effective workplace where things run smoothly. Knowing where to begin with Lean might seem daunting, but the right tools can help you start on the right foot.

Shop our selection of Lean tools, Lean training resources, and products to assist with visual communication—an important part of Lean and 5S. For additional information about Lean topics, be sure to check out our free Lean guides covering 5S, Kaizen, Kanban, and Gemba.

  • 5S Red Tags

    5S Red Tags

  • Foam Tool Kits

    Foam Tool Kits

  • Thick Foam Tool Organizers (2ft.x4ft.)

    Thick Foam Tool Organizers (2ft.x4ft.)

  • Tool Outline Vinyl / Shadow Board Tape

    Tool Outline Vinyl / Shadow Board Tape

  • yellow transparent warning film

    Transparent Warning Film

    MSRP: $8.99
    Was: $8.99
    Sale: $7.99
    (Save $1.00)
  • Thick Foam Tool Organizers (2ft.x2ft.)

    Thick Foam Tool Organizers (2ft.x2ft.)

  • LabelTac Adhesive Red Tags

    5S Adhesive Red Tags

    MSRP: $16.00
    Was: $16.00
    Sale: $14.99
    (Save $1.01)
  • Foam Drawer Liner (16.625"x22.25")

    Foam Drawer Liner (16.625"x22.25")

  • Colored Vinyl Chart Tape 1/4" - 2" widths

    Vinyl Chart Tape

    Was: $5.99
    Sale: $4.99
  • Kanban Card Racks

    Kanban Card Racks

  • 5S Red Tag - Tag Station V1

    5S Red Tag - Tag Station V1

  • Foam Drawer Liner (12"x24")

    Foam Drawer Liner (12"x24")

  • 5S Sustain Wall Poster

    5S Sustain Poster

  • 25 vinyl 5S tool shadow outline kit

    Tool Shadow Sticker Set - 25pcs

  • 5S in the workplace poster dark by Creative Safety Supply

    5S in the Workplace Poster (Dark)

  • 5S Cycle – Wall Sign

    5S Cycle – Wall Sign

  • 5S Red Tag Area Poster

    5S Red Tag Area Poster

  • 5S Audit Checklist

    5S Audit Scorecard - Digital Download

  • 5S What It Means In The Workplace Portrait - Wall Sign
  • Quick Grids

    Quick Grids

  • Yellow Kanban - Tag Holder

    Yellow Kanban - Tag Holder

  • "The Kaizen Revolution" Hardcover Book by Michael Regan
  • Andon LED Stack Lights

    Andon LED Stack Lights

  • 5S in the Workplace Poster (Light)

    5S in the Workplace Poster (Light)

  • Industrial Pegboard Kits

    Industrial Pegboard Kits

  • Green Kanban - Tag Holder

    Green Kanban - Tag Holder

  • World Class Safety (Ten Rules) Portrait - Wall Sign
  • You Make 5S Work Landscape - Wall Sign

    You Make 5S Work Landscape - Wall Sign

  • 6S Lean Workplace Wallet Card

    6S Lean Workplace Wallet Card

  • 5S Event Cart

    5S Event Cart

    MSRP: $397.87
    Was: $397.87
    Sale: $299.99
    (Save $97.88)
  • 5S Steps Awareness Package

    5S Steps Awareness Package

  • 5S Lean Workplace Wallet Card

    5S Lean Workplace Wallet Card

  • Preassembled LED Light Stack - Red

    Preassembled LED Light Towers

  • LabelTac® 4 Starter Bundle

    LabelTac® 4 Starter Bundle

    MSRP: $2,618.92
    Was: $2,618.92
    Sale: $2,226.08
    (Save $392.84)
  • Red Kanban - Tag Holder

    Red Kanban - Tag Holder

  • Red Tag Area Poster

    Red Tag Area Poster

  • 5S Color Code Wall Chart

    5S Color Code Wall Chart

  • 5S Lean Benefits Portrait - Wall Sign

    5S Lean Benefits Portrait - Wall Sign

  • 5S Sustain Awareness Package

    5S Sustain Awareness Package

  • Non-Magnetic Dry-Erase Whiteboard

    Non-Magnetic Dry-Erase Whiteboard


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