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When you want your facility to run more efficiently, Lean manufacturing principles can help. The goal of Lean is to minimize waste in work processes and increase value for customers. When a business implements Lean practices, the result is often a more effective workplace where things run smoothly. Knowing where to begin with Lean might seem daunting, but the right tools can help you start on the right foot.

Shop our selection of Lean tools, Lean training resources, and products to assist with visual communication—an important part of Lean and 5S. For additional information about Lean topics, be sure to check out our free Lean guides covering 5S, Kaizen, Kanban, and Gemba.

5S Products

5S Products

Tools to facilitate 5S programs.

Find the signs, floor markings, organizational products, forms, and labeling kits you need for a successful 5S project or program. With the right tools, you can more easily Sort, Set in Order, Shine, Standardize, and Sustain.
Lean Posters

Lean Posters

Visual reminders to reinforce Lean.

Post effective visuals throughout the workspace to highlight important Lean topics. With a poster, you can remind people about the steps of 5S, the Wastes of Lean, the significance of Kaizen, and more.
Lean Books

Lean Books

References & guides for Lean implementation.

Find educational books about 5S, Kaizen, Gemba, and other Lean topics so you can get the knowledge you need to use Lean methodologies in your facility.
FOD Products

FOD Products

Prevent foreign object damage.

Avoid foreign object damage in sensitive areas in your facility with the right products. Tool foam keeps your tools and equipment in place and secure, while FOD signs alert people about areas where they should use increased caution.
Lean DVDs

Lean DVDs

Engaging training for your staff.

Select training DVDs that will keep your employees’ attention and make the basics of Lean easy to understand. Training DVDs cover 5S, Lean, and other important topics.
Andon Light Kits

Andon Light Kits

Signal towers for communicating production changes.

Often used in Lean work environments, andon lights alert people to production problems by turning on different colored lights. Use a light kit in your facility so changes can be identified and handled quickly.
5S Guide
Kanban Guide
Kaizen Guide
  • Red Tags 100 tags per order
    5S Red Tags $18.99

    5S Red Tags Made from durable card stock Features all needed red tag information Dimensions: 6.25" H x 3" W Sturdy wire tie pre-installed on each tag 100 per pack Use 5S Red Tags to mark items that may need to be removed...

  • 5S Red Tag Holders
    5S Red Tag Holders $49.99 $45.99

    50 red tags provided per board Easy to locate and store red tags Red tags include wire ties for convenience Can improve any 5S program Adhesive mounting Board Size: 11" x 14" Tag Size: 6 1/4" x 3" 2 magnets and dry erase...

  • Customizable Tool Foam for toolboxes and carrying cases
    Foam Tool Kit (16.625"x22.25") $37.95

    Foam Tool Kit (16.625"x22.25") for Tool Organization Protect your tools and drawers with customizable foam tool kits 2-color system helps prevent missing tools by showing when a tool is not in its correct place Top sheet:...

  • 5S Steps Awareness Package
    5S Steps Awareness Package $332.85 $279.99

    This package is the perfect way to reinforce 5S principles using visuals. Keep your employees focused on applying and maintaining 5S techniques. Notify your guests and potential customers or business partners that your...

  • 5S Sustain Awareness Package
    5S Sustain Awareness Package $332.85 $279.99

    This 5S package includes a variety of carefully selected visual reminders to help sustain the principles and practices associated with 5S. These visual products not only remind employees about pertinent 5S practices, but...

  • 25 vinyl 5S tool shadow outline kit
    25pc Tool Shadow Sticker Set $41.00

    25 Assorted Vinyl Tool Shadows. Perfect for tool organization boards. Easily identify when a tool is in use or missing in 5S programs. Just peel and stick to your board! Each set contains the most popular tool shadows. Call...

  • 30 Day Action List
    30 Day Action List $7.99

    25 sheets per cardboard-backed pad 14"x11" paper sheets Easy way to document and track activity Save time from developing your own action list This form is used as the central point of communication for specific...

  • 5S 30 Day Log
    5S 30 Day Log $7.99

    5S 30 Day Log This form helps to record actionable details from 5S events and organizational efforts and offers possible solutions. Using this form assists in continuance of a sustainable 5S program. Designed for practical...

  • 5S Adhesive Red Tags
    5S Adhesive Red Tags $16.00 $14.99

    Adhesive Red Tags 25 tags per order 3" x 5" Sticks directly on tagged equipment 5S adhesive red tags make attaching tags to items quick and easy. They're especially useful for objects that don't have a good tie-point...

  • 5S Audit Checklist
    5S Audit Scorecard $4.95 $3.95

    5S Audit Scorecard [INSTANT DOWNLOAD] Our 5S Audit Scorecard is designed to help you assess your 5S efforts and identify areas for improvement. Its easy-to-read format breaks the process down into each of the five steps...

  • 5S Evaluation Review Form
    5S Evaluation Review Form $9.99

    25 sheets per cardboard-backed pad 11"x14" paper sheets Easy, trackable documentation of 5S activities This form is essential for all 5S activity. It provides the criteria for benchmarking and assessing your work area to...

  • 5S Event Cart
    5S Event Cart $339.99

    Our 5S Event Cart includes everything you need to kickstart your organization's 5S/6S program and hold successful 5S events and audits. Includes helpful printed guides and Audit Scorecards for keeping track of 5S progress;...

  • 5S Map Forms
    5S Map $7.99

    5S Map This 5S map form offers a unique perspective of the work zone to signal to others the work in progress for that area. This form helps a 5S program accomplish items in a practical manner, and to accomplish two main...

  • 5S Office Form Solution Pack All 5
    5S Office Form Solution Pack All 5 $35.99

    5S Office Form Solution Pack (All 5) These forms are designed to accomplish two main roles of a 5S office program: involve and document. Each pad consists of 25 - 11x14 sheets of paper with a different form on each pad...

  • 5S Office Version 2 Solution Package
    5S Office Version 2 Solution Package $459.99

    5S Office Version 2 Solution Package Whether you need to teach your staff the foundations of 5S or kaizen, SMED or JIT, ths solution package made by Enna is one of the best solutions in your educational and training arsenal...

  • 5S Red Tag Database Software
    5S Red Tag Database Software $39.99

    Manage 5S Red Tag Data   NOTE: This product is no longer available, please call for more information on other red tag and 5s programs.  866-777-1360 Import key 5S Red Tag data into your RTR database for more...

  • 5S Red Tag Register Form
    5S Red Tag Register Form $7.99

    5S Red Tag Register Form These forms are great for red tagging events, which are used during the first steps of a 5S program. Use this form to keep track of what everyone is doing and where things are going. We also have a...

  • 5S Champions Scorecard poster
    5S Scorecard Poster $69.99

    Encourage 5S participation through competition with this colorful 5S Scoreboard. Using a LabelTac® printer and colored labels, you can recognize employees who excel in the five areas of 5S (Sort, Set in Order, Shine,...

  • 5S Solution Package
    5S Solution Package $429.99

    5S Solution Package Whether you need to teach your staff the foundations of 5S or kaizen, SMED or JIT, this solution package made by Enna is one of the best solutions in your educational and training arsenal. With a complete...

  • 5S Sustainment Schedule
    5S Sustainment Schedule $7.99

    25 sheets per cardboard-backed pad 11"x14" paper sheets Easy way to document 5S activities A pad of forms used to schedule ongoing activity in order to maintain 5S in an area. The form lists the regular actions that need...

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