In industrial workplaces, safety can’t be an afterthought. You need safety products that will keep your employees, your equipment, and your business safe, even in the face of hazards. That’s why we carry a wide variety of safety products to help you construct an effective safety program. You’ll find everything from personal protective equipment to spill kits to keep operations running smoothly without putting people at risk of injury or illness.

Shop our selection of safety products below, and check out our free safety guides for more information about important safety topics like arc flash, lockout/tagout, forklift operation, and pipe marking.

Arc Flash Products

Arc Flash Products

Gear & equipment for electrical safety.

Protect employees from electrical explosions that can reach up to 35,000 degrees Fahrenheit. Select appropriate gloves, hoods, clothing, and tools so people can perform work on electrical equipment safely.
Lockout Tagout


Devices to prevent unplanned equipment startup.

Develop a comprehensive lockout/tagout program with the right tools. We have lockout tags, hasps, plug lockouts, and even lockout kits containing all the materials you’ll need for your lockout/tagout procedures. These products are durable and easy to use.
Spill Kits

Spill Kits

Sorbent materials for cleaning up spills.

Keep the correct amount of spill cleanup materials stocked in your facility so your employees can quickly clean up chemical, water, oil, and other spills. We offer pre-assembled kits in many sizes, as well as packs of sorbent mats, rolls, and socks.


Protective gear for common hazards.

Provide clothing, hard hats, safety vests, goggles, and other personal protective equipment to your employees who face hazards in the workplace. Select options suitable to the risks of your work environment in the appropriate styles and sizes.
Fall Protection

Fall Protection

PPE for working at heights.

Get Miller fall arrest harnesses and shock-absorbing lanyards for your employees who work at heights. Choose from a variety of styles.
Post Covers

Post Covers

Guards for protecting posts.

Cover posts in your facility with protective guards to prevent damage to posts, equipment, and vehicles. These high-density polyethylene covers feature bright colors to increase visibility. They’re also easy to install and eliminate the need to paint and repaint posts.
Safety Posters

Safety Posters

Visual reminders for your workplace.

Encourage employees to work safely with posters covering topics such as forklift safety, GHS pictograms, pipe marking, NFPA “fire diamond” guidelines, and PPE. Posters available with or without UV coating, poster hangers, and posters sleeves.
Mining Safety Supplies

Mining Safety Supplies

Equipment suitable for use in mines.

Increase safety in mines by getting the appropriate safety tools from your mine’s unique hazards. Browse our selection of labeling systems, visual markings, glow-in-the-dark products, and PPE to find what you need to keep workers safe.
Eye wash Station

Eye Wash Station

Wall & portable stations for flushing the eyes.

Select the eyewash stations you need to comply with OSHA requirements. Wall-mounted and portable options available that allow employees who come into contact with hazardous materials to flush their eyes right away.
Column Protectors

Column Protectors

Prevent damage to stationary objects.

Get column protectors made from durable materials such as industrial foam and polyethylene plastic to protect your racks, storage areas, and columns from impact damage. Bright yellow guards are available in many sizes and diameters.
Safety Training

Safety Training

DVDs covering hundreds of topics.

Make safety easy to understand with topic-specific training DVDs. You’ll find training about ergonomics, first aid, hazard communication, lockout/tagout, and much more in our library of DVDs. A simple way to give employees the information they need or start a conversation about safety.
UEI Test Instruments

UEI Test Instruments

Industrial sensors for any application.

A trusted name in industrial sensors for over 50 years, sensors, scales, and probes from UEI Test Instruments are proven, reliable, and won’t break the bank.
FLIR Thermal Imaging

FLIR Systems

The leader in thermal imaging technology.

Affordable yet reliable, FLIR products enhance perception and awareness in situations where knowing your surroundings can mean the difference between life and death.
  • Knuffi Soft Edge Bumper Guards

    Knuffi® Soft Edge Bumper Guards Knuffi® Protective bumper guards effectively prevent impact damage and protect your buildings, furnishings, and equipment. They absorb even the hardest impacts, reducing the risk of damage to property or injury to... More details

  • Warehouse Labeling System

    The LabelTac® 4, our popular, entry-level system, lets you take label creation into your own hands. With this budget-friendly printer, you can make ½" to 4" labels that will hold up to harsh indoor or outdoor conditions. LabelTac® labels... More details

  • Customizable Tool Foam for toolboxes and carrying cases

    Foam Tool Kit (16.625"x22.25") for Tool Organization Protect your tools and drawers with customizable foam tool kits 2-color system helps prevent missing tools by showing when a tool is not in its correct place Top sheet: 1/2” thickness, Bottom... More details

  • 1 Mile Bullhorn - 25 Watts

    1 Mile Bullhorn - 25 Watts Be heard over long distances with this 25-watt bullhorn capable of reaching distances up to a mile.  Great for loud working environments and for getting people's attentions. Features 3 Settings: (Whistle, Talk, and Siren)... More details

  • Sperian Sterile Single Station (16 Ounce )

    Sperian Sterile Single Station (16 Ounce) Durable, open-face design wall stations hold bottles firmly in place yet easy to access in an emergency to provide immediate flushing until the injured person can be helped to a primary emergency eyewash device... More details

  • 32 Ounce Sperian Sterile Wall Station

    Eyewash Sperian Sterile Wall Station (32 Ounce) Durable, open-face design wall stations hold bottles firmly in place yet easy to access in an emergency to provide immediate flushing until the injured person can be helped to a primary emergency eyewash... More details

  • 4 Ounce Bottle Sperian Sterile Saline

    4-Ounce Bottle Sperian Sterile Saline Eyewash and face flushing saline bottles from Sperian are portable and easy to use for emergencies in your factory, warehouse, or another facility. These bottles make flushing foreign particles out of the eyes and... More details

  • 5-Pack: Safety Quote Series Posters

    Size: 22"x28" Banner blindness is a problem, right? Well, this pack of 5 Safety Quote Posters helps overcome that with simple, bold safety messages that make your employees think about what they just read. With a clear message, each one of these visually... More details

  • Danger Red Barricade Tape

    3" x 1000' per roll Multiple options available Non-adhesive Printed Barricade Tapes are a quick and effective way to create a visual perimeter around temporary hazards. These rolls are 1000' in length so even the largest hazards can be surrounded... More details

  • Barricade Type I

    These barricades have a light yet durable, high-density polyethylene construction with protective wear tabs on the bottom of the legs. Great for blocking off pathways or driveways for closure quickly and easily. The panels are made of a reflective... More details

  • Barricade Type I 14 gauge

    Overall dimensions: 45" H x 24" W Panel height: 8" 14-gauge iron legs 1/2" thick plywood panels This barricade is a lower-cost alternative to the standard Type I Barricade. The top panel is sheeted with a reflective material for added visibility... More details

  • Barricade Type II

    These barricades have a light yet durable, high-density polyethylene construction with protective wear tabs on the bottom of the legs. Great for blocking off pathways or driveways for closure quickly and easily. The panels are made of a reflective... More details

  • Carhartt Work Pants

    Carhartt Canvas Work Pants Carhartt is known for making high-quality work clothing. These dungarees will be comfortable to wear no matter what work you're doing. Made with 100% cotton duck fabric, these pants will resist wear and tear from carpentry,... More details

  • Carhartt Double Front Work Dungaree

    Carhartt Double-Front Work Dungaree Carhartt is synonymous with quality work apparel. These double-fronted dungarees will provide you with some of the best protection for your legs. With dual layers of fabric, these work pants will resist abrasions and... More details

  • Carhartt Duck Bib Overall

    Carhartt Duck Bib Overall Your job requires durable yet comfortable clothes, and Carhartt has been the leader for many years. These Carhartt cotton duck bib overalls are the main choice for outdoor workers and enthusiasts because they last under extreme... More details

  • Carhartt Duck Coveralls

    Carhartt Duck Coverall Your job requires durable yet comfortable clothes, and Carhartt has been the leader in this apparel for many years. These Carhartt quilt-lined cotton duck bib coveralls are the main choice for outdoor workers and enthusiasts... More details

  • Carhartt Flame Resistant Canvas Cargo

    Flame-Resistant Canvas Cargo Work Pants from Carhartt When your job demands durable work pants that are also flame resistant, the canvas cargo pants from Carhartt are a great choice. Made with 100% cotton, flame-resistant fabric. Has an ATPV rating of 16... More details

  • Carhartt FlameResistant Long sleeved Henley shirt

    Carhartt Flame-Resistant LS Henley This FR, long-sleeved Henley work shirt from Carhartt is comfortable throughout your workday. Features 6.5-ounce FR knit, a blend of 55% modacrylic and 45% cotton rib-knit collar and cuffs Three-button front with FR... More details

  • Carhartt FlameResistant SS TShirt

    Carhartt Flame-Resistant T-Shirt Carhartt is the name in professional flame-resistant short-sleeved shirts, just like this one. Features 6.5-ounce FR knit, a blend of 55% modacrylic and 45% cotton Spandex reinforced rib-knit collar Left chest pocket and... More details

  • Carhartt Flame Resistant Twill Coverall

    Carhartt Flame-Resistant Twill Coverall This twill set of work coveralls from Carhartt is NFPA 70E compliant and is made from primarily cotton and some high-tenacity nylon. These are great work coveralls for environments that could have arc flash hazards... More details

  • Carhartt Heavyweight Hooded Sweatshirt

    Carhartt Heavyweight Hooded Sweatshirt This heavyweight hooded sweatshirt from Carhartt is great for wearing at work. With a fabric made from 80% cotton, this sweatshirt is comfortable, but durable enough to hold up to your hardest work week. Features ... More details

  • Carhartt HiVis Work Pant

    Carhartt HiVis Work Pants Carhartt high-visibilty work pants will make sure you are seen even in dark workzones. With flexible fabric and different sizes available, these pants will help keep you warm, dry, and safer than other brands. Features ... More details

  • Carhartt Brand Dotton Duck Work Coat

    Carhartt Brand Cotton Duck Work Coat When you need quality, rugged, cold-weather work clothes, Carhartt is the brand to buy. Whether you work in an industrial or construction trade, Carhartt's work apparel is made to take the abuse of the job. Cold... More details

  • Class 2 Safety Vest

    Occunomix ANSI Class 2 Safety Vests, Item#: OCCSSCOOL2 Breathable mesh fabric keeps you cool and comfortable and this design is enhanced with ANSI-compliant orange trim reflective tape for superior color contrast and daytime conspicuity. Background... More details

  • Classic Solid Two-Tone Surveyor Vest

    Occunomix ANSI Class 2 Safety Vests, Item#: LUX-ATRANS-Yellow Class 2 Color: Yellow 2" Silver reflective tape: One 360deg horizontal stripe, two vertical stripes backed by ANSI-compliant trim 100% ANSI Polyester Tricot Zipper closure Designed for... More details

  • Collision Sentry

    Collision Sentry Warehouse Collision Warning System   In industrial settings where forklift traffic and pedestrians intersect, Collision Sentry® forklift collision detection and avoidance products can help reduce or eliminate “blind... More details

  • Collision Sentry Z Clips

    Collision Sentry Z-clips Z-clips attach to the Collision Sentry to allow for mounting on any hard surface. The Z-clips replace the built in magnets and provide a permanent, secure mounting point to attach Collision Sentry to a variety of surfaces... More details

  • Confined Space Entry - Permit Required

    40 Minutes (25 minute training, 15 minute test) Covers hazards, safe working and rescue procedures Helps your company remain OSHA compliant Convergence DVDs are some of the finest safety training videos on the market today, and this confined space... More details

  • Do Not Enter Sign - Aluminum

    Aluminum 18 X 12 Do Not Enter SignKeep your property safe by controlling the traffic patterns with this safety sign. Useful in parking lots, and in warehouses. Features    •    Reflective finish for day or... More details

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