Foam Tool Organizers

Foam Tool Organizers

Easily create a custom organization
system to safeguard tools.

If you've ever struggled to find a misplaced tool, you know first-hand how frustrating it can be. A toolbox foam organizer can prevent tools from getting misplaced by highlighting where tools should be stored. To use one, trace the outlines of your tools on the top layer of closed cell foam sheets and cut them out. When you place this layer into your toolbox on top of the bright secondary layer, tool placements will be obvious. This means fewer lost tools and less tool damage. Foam tool kits are also fully customizable, so you can get foam sized for whatever storage system you use in your workspace. These products work great with other visual communication tools such as floor marking tape and informational labels to help you sustain a 5S system.

Free Tool Organization E-Book

Free Tool Organization E-Book

Make sure the best tool for the job is where you need it when you need it.

Organize your toolboxes, tool kits, workbenches, travel cases and more

No more wasting time looking for lost tools, or damaged drawers or cases from loose objects knocking around. Quickly and easily take back control of your tools!

Tool Foam Organizers

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  • Thick Foam Tool Organizers (2ft.x4ft.)

    Thick Foam Tool Organizers (2ft.x4ft.)

  • Foam Tool Kits

    Foam Tool Kits

  • Thick Foam Tool Organizers (2ft.x2ft.)

    Thick Foam Tool Organizers (2ft.x2ft.)

  • Foam Drawer Liner (16.625"x22.25")

    Foam Drawer Liner (16.625"x22.25")

  • Foam Drawer Liner (12"x24")

    Foam Drawer Liner (12"x24")

  • 54" x 108" pre-bonded tool foam

    Tool Foam Sheets - Bonded


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