Foam Cutting Accessories

In most cases, installing foam for tool organization involves tracing the tools you want to store and cutting out their outlines. This process isn’t complicated, but it’s definitely easier when you use the right tool. To get your tool organization system up and running, you can choose from our selection of utility blades, hot knives, and other products selected specifically for the purpose of cutting foam.

  • Foamboard Cutter
    Foamboard Cutter $25.99

    Foamboard Cutter Converts between straight and bevel cutting Adjustable blade depth Ergonomic handle On-board blade storage Includes two blades Compatible with any suitable straight-edge blade Cuts up to 3/16"-thick pieces...

  • Foam Hot knife
    Heavy Duty Foam Hot Knife $39.99

    Heavy Duty Hot Knife 130W power Adjustable cutting depth from 3-3/4" to 5-7/16" Knife heats quickly for a quick, precision cut (max. temperature 840ºF) Easy push-button activation Auto-off feature Includes a...

  • Foam Hot Knife Parts
    Industrial Foam Hot Knife $299.00

    Industrial Foam Hot Knife Cuts styrofoam, plank, and soft foam For custom-size packaging applications Pre-heats in 15 seconds Adjustable temperature control - up to 1000°F 4" straight alloy blade included 110 volt Part...

  • Utility blade and foam cutting knife
    Long Foam Utility Blade $3.95

    Long Foam Utility Blade Great for cutting custom tool shapes into foam Razor-sharp disposable blades Retractable for easy storage Part # FOAM-LBLD With its retractable, disposable, razor-sharp segmented blade, this tough...

  • Best Foam Cutting Tool
    Best Foam Cutting Tool $59.99

    Best Foam Cutting Tool Easily cut foam for tool outlining Also removes rust and cuts metal, plastic, and wood 4 step speeds: 6,500, 10,700, 14,000, and 22,000 RPM Collet sizes: 1/8" and 3/32" diameters 30-piece kit in a...

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