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Pegboard and pegboard accessories have been used as tool organizers for over half a century. The reason is simple. By using pegboard attachments, your workshop or garage can become instantly organized. Use pegboard hooks, pegboard shelves, and pegboard bins and easily create a tool organization system.

The craftsman will benefit from the flexibility of being able to change tool organization in seconds. If you get a new tool, or get rid of a tool, you will not be stuck with a system which does not adapt.

The peg board accessories include hooks of various shapes and sizes, bins, and even shelves. There is no learning curve in setting these up. You simply attach the pegboards to the wall and then hang the accessory hooks into the holes. Your tools will never be hidden and always be easy to grab within an arm's reach.

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  • Industrial Pegboard Kits

    Sold in 2-packs and 4-packs 8 sq. ft. (2' x 4') per board 1/4" thick 24 hooks and 2 bins per board Spacer kit included with each order These pegboard kits are an excellent way to organize your tools and supplies easily and effectively... More details

  • DuraBoard PegBoards (2) 22x18

    (2) 22 In. W x 18 In. H x 1/8 In. D White Polypropylene Pegboards with 3/16 In. Hole Size   Hole diameter is 3/16 In. DuraBoard will never fade, dry out, crack, or peel over time so it maintains holding capability over many years of... More details

  • DuraBoard® Pegboards - (2) 24x48x1/4

    (2) 24 In. W x 48 In. H x 1/4 In. D White Polypropylene Pegboards with 9/32 In. Hole Size and 1 In. O.C. Hole Spacing If you have been searching for a tough and durable pegboard that will last the test of time, you have found it with the DuraBoard®... More details

  • DuraHook Kit  - 79 Hooks/4 Bins

    83 pc. Zinc-Plated Steel Hook & Bin Assortment for DuraBoard or 1/8 In. and 1/4 In. Pegboard (79 Asst Hooks & 4 Bins) This ultra-versatile hook and bin assortment kit is the answer to all organizational needs. Never waste time looking for missing... More details

  • DuraHook Kit - 85 Hooks/10 Bins

    95 Pc Zinc-Plated Steel Hook & Bin Assortment for DuraBoard or 1/8 In. and 1/4 In. Pegboard (85 Asst Hooks & 10 Asst Bins) This a large organzational hook and bin hanging kit that contains 95 pieces of organizational assistance. The... More details

  • Mag Clip Strip

    10 interchangeable, magnetic pegs Pegs feature an pin extrusion to hold sockets in place Pin diameters available: 1/4", 3/8", 1/2" Fits shallow and/or deep sockets Fits standard and/or metric sockets Mounting hole for installing on non-magnetic... More details

  • DuraHook Kit - 24 Hooks/2 Bins

    26 Pc Zinc-Plated Steel Hook & Bin Assortment for DuraBoard or 1/8 In. and 1/4 In. Pegboard (24 Asst Hooks & 2 Bins) Organization doesn't have to be difficult. The DuraHook™ 76901 is a 26-piece hook and hanging bin assortment kit that will... More details

  • DuraHook Kit - 60 Hooks/4 Bins

    64 Pc Zinc-Plated Steel Hook & Bin Assortment for DuraBoard or 1/8 In. and 1/4 In. Pegboard (60 Asst Hooks & 4 Bins) Need an organization system that works? The DuraHook™ 76964 features a whopping 64 pieces and can hook and hang just... More details

  • White Tempered Pegboards - (2)24x48x1/4

    (2) 24 In. W x 48 In. H x 1/4 In. D Custom Painted Blissful White Heavy-Duty Tempered Round Hole Pegboards  Tempered wood pegboards are the way to go when you are looking to create organization. Tempered pegboards feature layers of glued cardboard... More details

  • Loc Metal Pegboard

    The LocBoard shelf is ideal for storing paint cans, spray cans or bottles, oil cans, and more. It allows you to store items on the pegboard so they are within grasp at all times. Shelf is 12" wide and 6" deep with a 1" front lip to keep items secure. ... More details

  • Magnetic Multi-Function Tool Holder

    20 In. W x 5 In. D x 4.75 In. H Black Steel Magnetic Multi-Function Tool Holder Imagine being able to store up to 71 tools easily and securely with the magnetic multi-function magnetic tool holder. The versatility of this organizer is unparalleled... More details

  • Wall Mount Swing Panels

    Triton turnkey systems offer flexibility in layout, placement with unlimited growth capabilities 1/4" perforated and tempered pegboard included Heavy-duty, powder-coated steel frame Comes with all hardware necessary for secure mounting to solid... More details

  • 12"Wx6"D DuraHook Shelf 2PK

    12 In. W x 6 In. Deep Blue Epoxy-Coated Steel Shelf for DuraBoard or 1/8 In. and 1/4 In. Pegboard Effective shelving is a must in nearly any work environment. Not only do shelves provide an excellent means of organization, they also help keep things... More details

  • Mobile Tool Carts : 5S Mobile Pegboard (tools not included)

    Take your tools safely and efficiently to your work area Compatible with tool shadowing Two locking and two swivel 5" wheels make it easy for items to travel securely and safely across factory floor Visually locate tools and items in seconds... More details

  • VersaCenter Wall Organizer

    VersaCenter Wall Organizer (24 Hooks, 2 DuraBoards, 54 pc Mounting Kit, 4 pc Bin System)  Need a complete and easy-to-use wall storage system? The VersaCenter is a great option. The VersaCenter can be personalized to hold all types of... More details

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