Triton Products Create a lean and organized workspace to help save time and money. Triton products feature some of the best lean solutions for organization and ease of use with tools, supplies, and other products. The wide variety of Triton products includes pegboards, hooks, bins, magnetic sockets, various tool storage, mobile tool carts, and also custom wall mounted solutions. Organization doesn’t have to be difficult or even very time consuming. With Triton products, the principles of lean manufacturing can be both simple and fun. Hang or store anything from gardening tools to industrial power tools to socket wrenches and bolts. The versatility of these products allows them to be one of the top choices within the realm of workplace organization.


Triton Products Many businesses struggle for adequate space in small or cramped work environments, and when tools and supplies are eating up valuable counter space, it can make a small work environment seem even smaller. Triton storage solutions can remove and safely store nearly anything that was consuming in-demand counter space. For instance, a Triton pegboard can not only be used to store tools, but to also organize them so tools can be stored by size and shape to make finding the right tool quick and easy. The pegs can also be easily adjusted to accommodate larger or smaller tools, so you are never stuck with the same tool arrangement if your tool storage needs change. In addition, Triton magnetic socket holders can create high levels of organization and accountability when it comes to making sure sockets are where they should be.

The innovative nature of Triton products makes them a top choice for tool organization and storage. You will be amazed with the versatility and strength of Triton products. Place your trust in Triton to help enhance your workplace organization and lean efforts. Check out the Triton products below.

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  • Industrial Pegboard Kits

    Sold in 2-packs and 4-packs 8 sq. ft. (2' x 4') per board 1/4" thick 24 hooks and 2 bins per board Spacer kit included with each order These pegboard kits are an excellent way to organize your tools and supplies easily and effectively... More details

  • DuraBoard PegBoards (2) 22x18

    (2) 22 In. W x 18 In. H x 1/8 In. D White Polypropylene Pegboards with 3/16 In. Hole Size   Hole diameter is 3/16 In. DuraBoard will never fade, dry out, crack, or peel over time so it maintains holding capability over many years of... More details

  • DuraBoard® Pegboards - (2) 24x48x1/4

    (2) 24 In. W x 48 In. H x 1/4 In. D White Polypropylene Pegboards with 9/32 In. Hole Size and 1 In. O.C. Hole Spacing If you have been searching for a tough and durable pegboard that will last the test of time, you have found it with the DuraBoard®... More details

  • 3/8" Red Socket Caddy & 28 Pegs

    3/8 In. Drive 6-1/8 In. x 10-1/4 In. Red Socket Caddy & 28 Interchangeable Pegs This is one of the best socket caddies on the market. The MagClip™ Magnetic Socket Caddy is durable, long-lasting, and most importantly, highly effective. Just... More details

  • White Tempered Pegboards - (2)24x48x1/4

    (2) 24 In. W x 48 In. H x 1/4 In. D Custom Painted Blissful White Heavy-Duty Tempered Round Hole Pegboards  Tempered wood pegboards are the way to go when you are looking to create organization. Tempered pegboards feature layers of glued cardboard... More details

  • 1/4" Red Socket Caddy & 28 Pegs

    1/4 In. Drive 6-1/8 In. x 10-1/4 In. Red Socket Caddy & 28 Interchangeable Pegs Organization is not just a fictional mindset, it can actually be achieved. Whether you work in an auto shop, an industrial warehouse or some other sort of work... More details

  • 1/2" Red Socket Caddy & 28 Pegs

    1/2 In. Drive 6-1/8 In. x 10-1/4 In. Red Socket Caddy & 28 Interchangeable Pegs Achieve high levels of organization with the MagClip™ magnetic Socket Caddy. This caddy can take a drawer full of random tools and sockets and create... More details

  • Blk 3-Panel Power Mat 84 Pegs

    18-3/8 In. x 10-1/4 In. Black 3 Panel 84 Magnet Power Mat & 84 Assorted Power Pegs Create organization and improvements in productivity with the 84 Magnet Power Mat. This professional rubber-coated magnetic tool or socket storage solution is suitable... More details

  • Mobile Tool Carts : 5S Mobile Pegboard (tools not included)

    Take your tools safely and efficiently to your work area Compatible with tool shadowing Two locking and two swivel 5" wheels make it easy for items to travel securely and safely across factory floor Visually locate tools and items in seconds... More details

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