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There’s no greater foe to productivity and efficiency than a cluttered, disorganized workspace. Tool storage helps facilities stay streamlined, and it helps workers reduce the lost time spent having to search for what the need constantly. Lean manufacturing puts great importance in organizational skills. In fact, the second S in the 5S program Lean methodology.

Tool storage products are designed to make it easy to find what you need fast so that you can stay productive and efficient. Foam tool kits allow you to trace tools into the foam so that they’ll be consistently returned to the same spot. The foam is durable, thick, and protects tools from nicks and scratches. Shadow board tool outline vinyl allows you to trace tools on thick, high-quality vinyl to make your pegboard organizer more visual and easier to navigate.

No matter what needs you have, our tool storage products can help get your facility organized.

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  • ESD Anti-Static Foam Organizer

    ESD Foam for Safe Tool Storage ESD Anti-Static Thick Tool Foam Organizers provide the needed protection for static sensitive tools. This unique, pink-colored foam is specifically engineered using a closed-cell, anti-static material that’s durable... More details

  • Foam Tool Kits

    Foam Kits for Tool Organization Using tool outline foam in your toolbox or tool drawers can help you better organize your tools for increased productivity. Foam Tool Kits come with two pieces of durable, closed-cell foam in two high-contrasting colors... More details

  • 25 vinyl 5S tool shadow outline kit

    25 Assorted Vinyl Tool Shadows. Perfect for tool organization boards. Easily identify when a tool is in use or missing in 5S programs. Just peel and stick to your board! Each set contains the most popular tool shadows. Call and ask about how our custom... More details

  • Toolbox Parking -  Floor Sign

    Toolbox Parking -  Floor Sign   While it makes transporting tools around the shop or warehouse simple, wheeled toolboxes can often become lost or turn up in various random locations. By requiring staff to return their toolboxes to a specific... More details

  • Universal Magnet Tool Holder

    Size: 1-7/8"W x 16-5/8"L Color: black Mounts easily on smooth metal surfaces Mounting hole for hanging on non-magnetic surfaces Holds tools tightly and securely Tough polymer base Grease, rust, oil, and chemical resistant Reverse polarity... More details

  • 54" x 108" pre-bonded tool foam

    Special buy!  For a limited time, we have some full sheets of Tool Organization Foam.  These sheets come with the color side pre-bonded to the black side.  They are thick foam to help secure and organize larger tools.  2 thicknesses... More details

  • Best Foam Cutting Tool

    Best Foam Cutting Tool Easily cut foam for tool outlining Also removes rust and cuts metal, plastic, and wood 4 step speeds: 6,500, 10,700, 14,000, and 22,000 RPM Collet sizes: 1/8" and 3/32" diameters 30-piece kit in a blow-mold carrying case... More details

  • Dirty Rags -  Floor Sign

    Dirty Rags -  Floor Sign   If your staff is constantly using and reusing rags, and carelessly leaving them in their work area and dropping them on the floor, a dirty rag bin is a great fix to this problem. If you already have a bin for staff... More details

  • DuraBoard® Pegboards - (2) 24x48x1/4

    (2) 24 In. W x 48 In. H x 1/4 In. D White Polypropylene Pegboards with 9/32 In. Hole Size and 1 In. O.C. Hole Spacing If you have been searching for a tough and durable pegboard that will last the test of time, you have found it with the DuraBoard®... More details

  • Standard 16 tool Wrench Organizer - Red

    Our Wrench Organizer Tray is ideal for toolbox storage. Wrenches are lined up and easily accessible. Simply pick tools and place them back without resistance. Perfect when working in any garage environment. Fuel and solvent resistant. Holds up to 16... More details

  • 3/8" Red Socket Caddy & 28 Pegs

    3/8 In. Drive 6-1/8 In. x 10-1/4 In. Red Socket Caddy & 28 Interchangeable Pegs This is one of the best socket caddies on the market. The MagClip™ Magnetic Socket Caddy is durable, long-lasting, and most importantly, highly effective. Just... More details

  • White Tempered Pegboards - (2)24x48x1/4

    (2) 24 In. W x 48 In. H x 1/4 In. D Custom Painted Blissful White Heavy-Duty Tempered Round Hole Pegboards  Tempered wood pegboards are the way to go when you are looking to create organization. Tempered pegboards feature layers of glued cardboard... More details

  • 1/4" Red Socket Caddy & 28 Pegs

    1/4 In. Drive 6-1/8 In. x 10-1/4 In. Red Socket Caddy & 28 Interchangeable Pegs Organization is not just a fictional mindset, it can actually be achieved. Whether you work in an auto shop, an industrial warehouse or some other sort of work... More details

  • 1/2" Red Socket Caddy & 28 Pegs

    1/2 In. Drive 6-1/8 In. x 10-1/4 In. Red Socket Caddy & 28 Interchangeable Pegs Achieve high levels of organization with the MagClip™ magnetic Socket Caddy. This caddy can take a drawer full of random tools and sockets and create... More details

  • 10 Tool Screwdriver Gripper - Black

    This 10 tool Screwdriver Gripper is a must have for any tool user. Transport and store your screwdrivers with ease. Securely holds 10 screwdrivers. Our unique gripping teeth secure the shafts of screwdrivers to accommodate a very wide range of sizes... More details

  • Blk 3-Panel Power Mat 84 Pegs

    18-3/8 In. x 10-1/4 In. Black 3 Panel 84 Magnet Power Mat & 84 Assorted Power Pegs Create organization and improvements in productivity with the 84 Magnet Power Mat. This professional rubber-coated magnetic tool or socket storage solution is suitable... More details

  • Luxor 3 Shelf Tool Cart

    The Mechanics Three-Shelf Cart will prevent clutter and consolidate your tools. Each shelf features two dividers for easily separating items while two cup-holders on each shelf can hold a drink or bottles for cleaning or maintenance. A magnetic strip... More details

  • Magnetic Multi-Function Tool Holder

    20 In. W x 5 In. D x 4.75 In. H Black Steel Magnetic Multi-Function Tool Holder Imagine being able to store up to 71 tools easily and securely with the magnetic multi-function magnetic tool holder. The versatility of this organizer is unparalleled... More details

  • 3/8" Red MagClip Strip

    3/8 In. Drive 2 In. x 15-5/8 In. Red Magnetic Socket Holder Strip Keep your sockets organized and accounted for with the helpful and powerful MagClip™ magnetic socket and tool storage system. This product is perfect for anyone looking to... More details

  • Mobile Tool Carts : 5S Mobile Pegboard (tools not included)

    Take your tools safely and efficiently to your work area Compatible with tool shadowing Two locking and two swivel 5" wheels make it easy for items to travel securely and safely across factory floor Visually locate tools and items in seconds... More details

  • Arc Flash Tool Kit

    Arc Flash Tool Kit This arc flash tool kit comes standard with what you see in the picture.A full set of pliers, cutters, and screw drivers. Features 9" Linesman's Pliers 7 1/2" Diagonal Cutting Pliers 7" Needle Nose Pliers Combination Stripper... More details

  • No-Slip 10 Tool Plier Organizer - HI-VIZ

    Maximize your storage by organizing pliers upright in toolbox drawers! The premium rubber base on this rack grips tools and the drawer to keep it all in place. Accommodates a wide variety of tools holding a total of 10. Immediate recognition of missing... More details

  • 24 Tool Wrench Tool Tower - Red

    This 24 Tool system provides it all: vertical, compact, and portable wrench storage. Slip-resistant rubberized foot pegs ensure a stable base. Handle provides comfortable portability to take your wrenches from one workstation to the next. Secure locking... More details

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