Magnetic Tool Holders

Securely hold metal
tools in place.

The magnetic tool holder you choose will be dependent upon the square footage of your work shop, the surface area of your work area, and the specific tools you use. Magnetic tool bars are an effective way to move everything from pliers, to screwdrivers to even larger tools, off of the floor or workbench, and up onto the wall.

If you have extra drawer space, magnetic socket holders can replace old broken socket cases. Magnetic socket organizers mounted on the wall, can keep your sockets handy, and off of limited horizontal storage space. A magnetic socket holder, placed in a toolbox on top of the liner, can keep your sockets in a very secure organized spot.  These work great in any 5S program.

Magnetic strips for tools can be multi use holding either sockets or other handtools up on the wall above where you work.

Free Tool Organization E-Book

Free Tool Organization E-Book

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