Industrial Cutters

Industrial Cutters

Industrial cutters have the strength and precision to make the cuts you need accurately, every time. In many manufacturing settings, certain materials can be tricky to cut. The material may be too rough, or so malleable that clean, straight cuts prove to be impossible. These industrial cutters are designed with these difficult materials in mind, ensuring that you’ll get the cuts you need without headaches or wasted material or lost time.

The industrial foam hot knife allows users to cut custom foam shapes for tool shadowing and other applications. Its adjustable temperature control and fast-acting preheating feature enables you to make your cuts in a matter of seconds.

Check out our selection of industrial cutters below!

  • Foam Hot knife

    Heavy Duty Hot Knife 130W power Adjustable cutting depth from 3-3/4" to 5-7/16" Knife heats quickly for a quick, precision cut (max. temperature 840ºF) Easy push-button activation Auto-off feature Includes a depth-adjusting sled Overall... More details

  • Utility blade and foam cutting knife

    Long Foam Utility Blade Great for cutting custom tool shapes into foam Razor-sharp disposable blades Retractable for easy storage Part # FOAM-LBLD With its retractable, disposable, razor-sharp segmented blade, this tough utility knife is useful for... More details

  • Foamboard Cutter

    Foamboard Cutter Converts between straight and bevel cutting Adjustable blade depth Ergonomic handle On-board blade storage Includes two blades Compatible with any suitable straight-edge blade Cuts up to 3/16"-thick pieces of foam part #... More details

  • 8" replacement blades for floor scraper

    Replacement Blades for 8" Scraper Keeping a sharp edge is important to keep your scraper functioning at its best. These replacement blades are an exact fit for this floor scraper. Replacing a chipped or dull blade can keep your scraper working... More details

  • Industrial Foam Hot Knife

    Foam Hot Knife This industrial cutting tool is specifically designed for cutting through foam. Use it to cut custom foam shapes for tool shadowing, storage needs, and other applications in seconds. No more hassle from dull scissors or box knives; this... More details

  • Ultra Safety Cutter

    Ultra Safety Cutter KN10. Cleverly designed using zinc alloy with your safety in mind this knife for right-handed people has a spring-loaded blade retract system that responds to any uncontrolled hand movement. With an easy blade change this knife is a... More details

  • Portwest KN20 Pro Safety Cutter

    Pro Safety Cutter KN20. Made from zinc alloy for toughness and durability the Pro Safety Cutter is suitable for both right and left handed users. With a top blade control slider and an automatic blade retract system this knife has been designed to ensure... More details

  • Portwest KN40 Retractable Safety Cutter

    Retractable Safety Cutter KN40. The latest super safety cutter featuring a blade that retracts when it loses contact with material being cut. Primarily for use in warehousing distribution or construction environments where knives are often used and... More details

  • Portwest KN18 Snap off Knife

    PW Snap-Off Knive KN18. Ergonomically designed with rubber grip makes this knife easy to hold and easy to use. A clamp down thumb dial controls blade movement for added safety. In addition the KN18 comes with 3 blades. The push button blade holder gives... More details

  • Portwest KN30 Folding Utility Knife

    PW Foldable Utility Knife KN30. This lightweight utility knife offers an aluminium handle and a belt clip for added mobility. It features a quick-change blade mechanism saving time in demanding work conditions. Its one hand easy opening makes it... More details

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