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Pipe Marking Supply

Fast and Affordable Pipe Markers

Marking pipes in your facility is important.  It does two things: it informs everyone as to the specific contents of each of the many pipes throughout your plant, and it quickly displays the direction of the flow. Pipe marking accuracy is enforced by OSHA under their A13.1-1996 standards, so making the effort to provide clear color-appropriate markers can take time and money.

We Can Help.

Luckily, Creative Safety Supply provides affordable pipe marking supplies that are easy to install and are durable enough for even the toughest environments.  Print using one of our fast industrial-grade LabelTac label printers, which produce thermally-printed labels that are resistant to water, chemicals, extreme temperatures, and UV exposure.

We also carry a full line of pre-printed pipe marking labels.


  • Warehouse Labeling System
    LabelTac 4 Industrial Labeling System $799.00

    LabelTac® 4 Features Labels and signs that last The LabelTac® 4 Industrial Thermal Printer is the easiest way to print all of your 5S, Pipe Marking, Facility, Lean, and other labels in-house. Create your...

  • Sign Maker
    LabelTac 4 PRO Industrial Labeling System $999.00

      LabelTac 4 PRO: Related Products LableTac 4 PRO Label Stock LabelTac 4 PRO Print Ribbon LabelTac 4 PRO Packages     LabelTac 4 PRO Downloads LabelTac 4" Printer Lineup and Pricing (4.9MB,...

  • LabelTac 9
    LabelTac 9 Industrial Labeling System $3,999.00

    Key Features Die-cast chassis, sheet metal structure with clear media view window Can manage label widths up to 9.5” with a maximum print width up to 8.64” wide at 300 dpi high resolution Large lcd display...

  • Blank Pipe Wraps
    Blank Pipe Wraps $3.99

    Blank Pipe Wraps Constructed from superior-quality, outdoor grade vinyl. Convenient and fast pipe marking.  No preparation needed on pipes.  Just apply the pipe marking label (labels not included) directly to the...

  • Custom Printed Labels and Pipe Markers - Yellow
    Custom Printed Labels $1.40

    Custom Printed Labels Select the size and color, and type the customized text you would like on your label. Turn around time is same day or next business day. Custom Printed Pipe Markers all comply with the most recent...

  • Durable Plastic Valve Tag - Rectangle
    Durable Plastic Valve Tags - Rectangle $27.99

    Durable Plastic Valve Tag Available in 2 sizes: 7" x 4" and 3" x 4." Five color choices White Black Blue Yellow Red Record important information on pipes and valves.Feature a unique write-on surface that accepts permeant...

  • LabelTac 4 Print Ribbon
    LabelTac 4 Print Ribbon $49.99

    • 299' per roll • 4" width (compatible with all LT4 supply) • Available in Black, White, Red, Blue • Chemical-resistant Compatible with LabelTac 4 Printer (Not LabelTac 4 PRO) Labeltac industrial print...

  • LabelTac 4 PRO and LabelTac 4+ Print Ribbon
    LabelTac 4 PRO and LabelTac 4+ Print Ribbon $149.99

    Labeltac industrial print ribbons only work in the LabelTac Pro and LabelTac 4+.  The ribbons are 984' long and are made with a compound that can hold up to scratching and chemicals on a daily basics. Labeltac has...

  • LabelTac 9 Print Ribbon
    LabelTac 9 Print Ribbon $249.99

    • 984' per ribbon • 8.66" width (compatible with all LT9 supply) • Available in Black, White, Red, Blue • Chemical-resistant

  • Pipe Marking Arrow Tape
    Pipe Marking Arrow Tape $24.95

    108' per roll 1" 2" and 4" widths available Various base color/arrow color combinations Durable vinyl material Aggressive adhesive Clear over-lamination to protect printed surface Continuous print design All colors meet the...

  • Pipe Marking Banding Tape
    Pipe Marking Banding Tape $3.99

    108' per roll Width ranges from 1/4" to 6" Vinyl material Multiple colors and hazard patterns available Apply at room temperature Resists temperatures ranging from -20°F to 170°F Resistant to fluids and chemicals...

  • Pipe Marking Pocket Guide Front
    Pipe Marking Pocket Guide $12.50

    Safety Guidelines in your Back Pocket Pipe Marking colors and standards are important to safety in your facility. It's important for your workers to know the contents of each pipe, as well as have knowledge for proper...

  • LabelTac 4 Pipe Marking Package
    LabelTac 4 Pipe Marking Package $2,999.00

    Our LabelTac 4 Packages include everything you need to get started marking pipes and other safety-related OSHA compliance labels, stickers, and signs. This package comes with a variety of colors and thicknesses for all of...

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We're here to help. Call with Questions: 1866-777-1360.
We're here to help. Call with Questions: 1866-777-1360.