Kanban Labels

Transform your workplace with a Kanban inventory system.

Kanban is a successful and popular Lean method that regulates production, and it begins with an organized system of visual cues. Kanban labels enhance communication throughout your facility. They alert workers if action needs to be taken, organize bins and cards, and help clarify what is “To Do,” “In Process,” and “Done.” Kanban can make a big impact. Get started today with Kanban labels and other supplies.

Kanban Labels
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Kanban made simple with LabelTac® printers

Barcodes are an essential component to Kanban. Building a barcoding system may feel intimidating, but making them from scratch has never been easier thanks to LabelTac® printers. With free LabelSuite™ labeling software included, you’ll be able to import .CSV databases and load Excel sheets to quickly print barcodes.

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Kanban Products

  • Rigid Kanban Bin Card. Package of 10.

    Kanban Bin Cards - Pack of 10 Kanban is a very useful tool for managing inventory, manufacturing schedules, finished products, and parts. The Kanban system creates perfect communication within departments, suppliers, and individual employees by using... More details

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  • Kanban Card Racks

    Kanban Card Racks Kanban is a very useful tool for managing inventory and manufacturing schedules. These Kanban Card Racks are useful for managing Kanban Cards in an industrial setting. Priced per column. Wall mountable. Features Available in 12... More details

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  • Trash Only Label

    Label a receptacle as trash only so that recyclable items are not thrown away. Helps reinforce environmental awareness. 3 size options available Easy peel-and-stick application Strong adhesive for high durability Chemical, water, and smear... More details

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  • Metal Scrap Only Label

    Label a receptacle for metal scrap. Helps ensure proper recycling of metal. 3 size options available Easy peel-and-stick application Strong adhesive for high durability Chemical, water, and smear resistant Removable without leaving messy... More details

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  • LabelTac® Pro X 5S Bundle

    LabelTac® Pro X 5S Bundle This LabelTac® Pro X 5S Bundle includes everything you’ll need to start printing labels for your 5S program right away: a LabelTac® Pro X industrial label printer, label creation software, label supply in a... More details

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    LabelTac® Pro X 5S Bundle

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