Stencil Tagging

Stencil Tagging

Keep track of tools and
equipment more efficiently.

Facility managers need to keep track of tools, both large and small. Stenciling has been a common and effective way to label bigger equipment like forklifts or bulldozers. While stenciling has its merits, other inventory management tools like equipment labeling and asset tagging are becoming more popular in recent years. The biggest reason for this shift is lifespan. Stencils fade, chip, and become unreadable due to rain, sun, and normal wear and tear. Equipment labeling and asset tagging use tough, vinyl materials, which have longer lives. Check out our equipment labeling guide for a deeper dive into the pros and cons of stenciling.

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You can do better than stencils. In the long-term, stencils aren’t a smart decision; they chip and fade quickly, and because of the complexities of barcoding, stencils make it impossible to implement asset tagging. LabelTac® printers create industrial-strength labels built to have a long life and are immune to fades, smudges, and smears. Work smarter. Get LabelTac®

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