Ammonia Labeling


Ammonia, whether it be in a purified state or used in conjunction with other substances, poses an extreme risk to employees working in the vicinity. If improperly handled, this chemical can cause serious burns involving the skin, eyes, and lungs, and may even be fatal in certain emergency circumstances. However, despite the dangers associated with it, ammonia is necessary in numerous different industrial environments.

To help reduce the risk of injury, every facility that uses ammonia must follow the International Institute of Ammonia Refrigeration’s (IIAR) labeling requirements. These labels feature black text on an orange background and have five key components: abbreviation, physical state, marker body, pressure level, and flow direction. These labels provide an extra level of clarity for employees to finish their tasks without mistakes and do so efficiently.

Free OSHA Label and Sign Chart

Free OSHA Label and Sign Chart

Recognize hazard signs at a glance with a free chart of OSHA’s sign and label color scheme.

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