Six Sigma Labels

Six Sigma Labels

Implement Six Sigma into your entire
facility and achieve black belt status.

Six Sigma helps reduce the number of product defects to levels that are near-zero. The five steps of this ideology make achieving this efficiency fairly straightforward. With Six Sigma labels, you can remind workers of these steps, as well as the corresponding belt levels. Defining, measuring, analyzing, improving, and controlling are easier than ever with a wide variety of communication options that help you prepare your facility for this popular improvement methodology.

Free Six Sigma E-Book

Free Six Sigma E-Book

Reduce waste and improve quality control in your facility.

Six Sigma made simple with LabelTac® printers

Incorporating Six Sigma in your facility is easy when you have a LabelTac® printer. This printer creates hundreds of labels that are resistant to smears and the elements. With an easy peel-and-stick application, you can put your Six Sigma labels anywhere and aid your workers in achieving black belt status.

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The ultimate solution for Six Sigma Labeling projects

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Six Sigma Labeling Products

  • Create Custom Labels

    Create Custom Labels

  • Trash Only Label

    Trash Only Label

  • Recycle Label

    Recycle Label

  • Danger - Hazardous Waste Label

    Danger - Hazardous Waste Label

  • Remember 5S Label

    Remember 5S Label

  • Recyclable Waste Only Label

    Recyclable Waste Only Label

  • Metal Scrap Only Label

    Metal Scrap Only Label

  • Storage Area Label

    Storage Area Label

  • Hazardous Waste Storage Label

    Hazardous Waste Storage Label

  • Glass Only Label

    Glass Only Label


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