Solar System Labeling

Solar System Labeling

Meet compliance by labeling
solar photovoltaic systems.

Solar systems (also known as photovoltaic systems) are an increasingly more common source of energy for companies looking to decrease their carbon footprint. Like any energized environment, solar systems come with electrocution risks and other dangerous hazards that can lead to serious injury or death. As a result, OSHA requires facilities with a solar system to adhere to the labeling standards established by the NEC, ANSI, and ASME.

These standard-focused organizations are trusted names in industrial safety, and, since OSHA doesn’t actually create standards themselves but rather enforce the standards created by the above-named agencies, it’s crucial that safety managers make sure labels, signs, and other forms of visual communication adhere to necessary standards. Since all of the standards required to stay in compliance address hazard, risk, and injury level, it’s important to address To ensure your facility stays OSHA-compliant, it’s important to understand the various types of labels required for Solar systems (PV). For solar systems, it’s absolutely crucial that visual communication abide by NEC 2017 div 690, and IFC 2012.

Free Solar Panel Labeling E-Book

Free Solar Panel Labeling E-Book

Stay compliant and safe, labeling photovoltaic system components, with this guide.


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A guide to labeling photovoltaic system components for compliance and safety.

The FREE guide:

  • Covers the agencies responsible for photovoltaic system safety standards
  • Includes clear explanations of label color codes
  • Outlines where labels need to go on your solar panel system
  • Offers tips for successful implementation of solar panel labeling

Solar System Labeling Components

It is important to abide by NEC 2017 Article 690, and IFC 2012 when labeling your solar panel system. Click the components on the diagram to see examples of labeling for each component of your solar system.


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For more solar panel labeling information, please visit the Solar Panel Resource Center.


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